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Kevin Bieksa is number 3 on the Vancouver Canucks.

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What NHL team does Kevin Bieksa play for?

Kevin Bieksa plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

What position does Kevin Bieksa play?

Kevin Bieksa plays defense for the Vancouver Canucks.

When was Kevin Bieksa drafted?

He was drafted 151st overall in 2001 by the Vancouver Canucks

Who is the best NHL hockey defence man today?

Kevin Ng of the Vancouver Canucks

What Vancouver Canucks player of 2011 is the hottest?

Either ryan kesler, kevin bieksa or maxim lapierre

When was Kevin Eastwood born?

Kevin Eastwood was born in Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada.

What are all the players names on the Vancouver Canucks?

well now this year 2009 2010 season you have mason Raymond Steve burnier alex burrows willie Mitchel Kevin bieksa alex edler darcy hordichuck rick rypien Roberto luongo those are just some of the names but you could go to nhl.com and go to the canucks team website and look it up from there.

When and where was baseball player Kevin Nicholson born?

Kevin Nicholson was born March 29, 1976, in Vancouver, BC, CAN.

When was Kevin Hardiman born?

Kevin Hardiman was born on August 25, 1981, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What number was Kevin Green?

Kevin green was number

What is Kevin Jonas favorite number?

Kevin Jonas favorite number is 73

What is Kevin Garnett's number on the Brooklyn Nets?

Kevin Garnett is number 2 on the Brooklyn Nets.

What is Kevin Love's number on the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Kevin Love is number 42 on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What is Kevin Martin's number on the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Kevin Martin is number 23 on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What is Kevin Seraphin's number on the Washington Wizards?

Kevin Seraphin is number 13 on the Washington Wizards.

What is Kevin Chapman's number on the Houston Atros?

Kevin Chapman is number 66 on the Houston Atros.

What is Kevin Correia's number on the Minnesota Twins?

Kevin Correia is number 30 on the Minnesota Twins.

What is Kevin Frandsen's number on the Washington Nationals?

Kevin Frandsen is number 19 on the Washington Nationals.

What is Kevin Gausman's number on the Baltimore Orioles?

Kevin Gausman is number 39 on the Baltimore Orioles.

What is Kevin Gregg's number on the Miami Marlins?

Kevin Gregg is number 63 on the Miami Marlins.

What is Kevin Kouzmanoff's number on the Texas Rangers?

Kevin Kouzmanoff is number 6 on the Texas Rangers.

What is Kevin Brock's number on the Cincinnati Bengals?

Kevin Brock is number 83 on the Cincinnati Bengals.

What is Kevin Burnett's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Kevin Burnett is number 94 on the Oakland Raiders.

What is Kevin Elliott's number on the Buffallo Bills?

Kevin Elliott is number 18 on the Buffallo Bills.

What is Kevin Huber's number on the Cincinnati Bengals?

Kevin Huber is number 10 on the Cincinnati Bengals.

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