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Korea is a region in East Asia (between China and Japan) that has around 5000 years of recorded history. It's currently divided into North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is one of the most secluded and corrupt states in the world whereas South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world and is part of the world's G-20 major economies.
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Where was Korea divided?

34 parallel :) this might not be correct so sorry if this is the wrong answer :(

Where is Korea?

Korea is located between china and japan Korea is geographically, in the East Asian region and is borderedat the North by Manchuria (Northeastern part of the People'sRepublic of China). To the east is the State of Japan.

What is the size of Korea?

wait.. which one north Korea or south Korea?? be accurate,,.. South- 98,480 s.q. km north- 120,540 s.q. km

What is South Korea?

South Korea is a country in East Asia that is south of China and to the west of Japan. Korea is divided into two countries. North Korea and South Korea. a country in Asia that borders north Korea and famous for a company called samsung and LG.

How old is Korea?

There have been various warring civilizations living on the Korean peninsula since the Neolithic period. There was no unified civilization until the Shilla dominated all competing tribes and unified the peninsular region in 676 AD. This is the era where typified Korean architecture and customs origi ( Full Answer )

Is there siesta in Korea?

There is a Siesta Motel located in South Korea. It is at 455-8,Chodang-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do 210-120, South Korea. There isnot much information provided on this motel. However, the siesta is not a cultural institution in Korea like itis in Spain.

What country split Korea into North Korea and South Korea?

The country was split by the United Nations after WWII (mainly by the Soviet Union and the United States). It was held by Japan during WWII and after the UN split the country into two. The north being held by Soviet troops and south By US troops. By 1948 nether country could agree on how to make it ( Full Answer )

Is South Korea in the republic of Korea?

Presumably so, as North Korea is a Communist state and not a Republic ___________________________________________________________________ Republic of Korea is the official name of South Korea and North Korea is referred as Democratic People's Republic of Korea North Korea is still a republi ( Full Answer )

What the Korea?

Korea is the peninsula to the North-East of China, which harbors the countries of North and South Korea

Is North Korea a country in Korea?

Korean Peninsula and Manchuria ( Kando Region) were all part of Korean Territory. Before 60 years ago Korean Peninsula were one nation. After Korean War have left North /South Korea separated. At present North Korea population of 24 million is separated independent nation.

What was the name of Korea before Korea?

It was called Gojoseon until 1897 when it became Korea. It was under Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945 and split into North and South Korea in 1948. No, Gojoseon was founded in 2333 BC and lasted until 108 BC. Then came the Proto-Three Kingdoms era, then the Three Kingdoms, then Unified Silla & Balh ( Full Answer )

Is North Korea best Korea?

In my opinion, I disagree. No offence to them, but their activity is very old fashioned. So that's why I think SOUTH KOREA is better i agree.you'd never find American's,Canadian's,ect. there! There is no best Korea. You can point out negative things about North Korea, but you can also poin ( Full Answer )

What is the season in Korea?

Four seasons : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. But a raining period called jangma (장마) starts at beginning of summer and ends in the middle of summer.

Thank you in Korea?

There are a few ways. They're really the same. However, in Korea, there are two ways to say things normally. The "formal" way and the "informal" way. The "formal" way is used for adults and important people, and the "informal" way is used for people younger than you or friends. I will tell you both ( Full Answer )

What are the beliefs in Korea?

First of all you have to say which Korea are you talking about. Because in communistic North Korea everything is very different from the South one. At the same time South Korea is one of the most highly developed and modern countries in the world.

Is Korea a city?

No it is a country. Or rather, countries since it is divided up as South Korea and North Korea.

Why is there a South Korea and North Korea?

Answer 1 The history of North Korea formally begins with the establishmentof the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948. In the aftermath of the Japanese occupation of Korea which endedwith Japan's defeat in World War II in 1945, Korea was divided atthe 38th parallel in accordance wi ( Full Answer )

What is nuna in Korea?

its actually often spelled "noona" in English, anyways, it means older sister in Korean (but only for males)

Why were there 2 Korea in noreth Korea?

Korea is divided into 2 sections. north Korea and south Korea. they speak the same language, Korean, and they have the same ancestors. it was divided after their independence from japan. north Koreans are communists and south Korea's political view is democracy.

Is Korea DPR North Korea?

Yes, DPR is short for Korea (Democratic People's Republic). It is used during sporting events when the two Korean nations participate in the same event.

What is the langugeSouth Korea?

Han-geul(한글) is used in South Korea. North and South Korea use same language but there's some different words.

Where about is North Korea?

North Korea is an Asian country located north of south Korea, east of china, west of japan, and south of russia.

What did North Korea do to South Korea?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like North America.

How do you write I am from Korea in Korea?

Ther are two different ways to express the sentence. 나는 한국에서 왔다. 저는 한국에서 왔습니다. The second one is more polite way, so when you write a narrative essay or letter, the second experession is better.

What is the popultion of Korea?

The population of Korea is roughly around 50M. keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate. if you type it into google, google gives you around 48-49M.

Where is Korea locatad?

Korea more widely known to be separated into two states, South and North Korea, is located at the Korea Peninsula in East Asia region (Northeast Asia to be more specific).

What is the title of Korea?

As in the actual names: South Korea: Republic of Korea North Korea: People's Democratic Republic of Korea

Are there oranges in Korea?

Oranges from the United States are available in major grocery stores in Korea (오렌지). Also, on Jeju Island there are a few varieties of citrus that are grown. Hallabong tangerines (한라봉) are the size of an orange but a slightly different shape and flavor. Regular tangerin ( Full Answer )

How about you in Korea?

I am Korean but I confuse about my feeling, too. However, first of all, North and south should be unify. There are many families who cannot meet each other, people who escape from North Korea is increasing, etc. South Korea's economy will drop immediately after unifying, but it can be solve after th ( Full Answer )

How was Korea unified?

It wasn't . There is still North Korea and South Korea .South Korea is thriving, while North Korea has many people doing without bare necessities. The US still maintains a significant military prescence in South Korea to protect them .

Is Korea an medc?

The south is An Medc. It's definitely not developing. It's a very developed country. The north is a ledc. It has a LONG way to go...

What is charlie in Korea?

Slang word was 'gook" based on the Korean word for person. if you are meaning who was the enemy, it was the North Koreans. Charlie was for Nam & based on Viet Cong, they just used the C part in military designation on the radio-""Charlie".

How does Korea celebrate Korea?

They have many traditions just like Americans do. they celebrate traditions according to the lunar calendar. They celebrate new years with a special rice soup called duk soup and have parades and play traditional games. They also receive money after bowing to their parents and grandparents as an hon ( Full Answer )

Who did Korea colonize?

Jizi (Gija) from Zhou dynasty colonized Korean peninsula first at11th century BCE, after that, Emperor Wu of Han conquered Koreanpeninsula and established commandery called Lelang in Pyongyang in108 BC. Korea was also conquered by Mongolian and governed by YuanDynasty. Korea was part of China until ( Full Answer )

What is Google for Korea?

maybe google.co.kr? or yahoo.co.kr (kr.yahoo.com) or if you're talking about a korean search engine, NAVER.COM

When did Korea begin?

Korean history was begun by Jizi (Gija) from Zhou dynasty of Chinain 11th century BC.

When and how was Korea divided?

During the Korean War (1950-1953). it divided after Kim Il Sung decided that he wanted power.

Is Korea China?

Yes , Korea was historicaly part of china. The Yeongeunmun Gate is the symbol of Chinese influence of power in Korea , and Independence Gate is which was built when Japan pressurised Munchuria to release Korea.Also , The name "The Repablic of Great Korea"(대한민국) is a name which is ( Full Answer )

Is the Korea is a country?

South Korea and North Korea are both countries and are located on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea is partly bordered by China and they are both on the Pacific Ocean.

What can you do in North Korea?

For many places in the world, there are travel programs in special tourist areas in North Korea. Otherwise, if not a North Korean citizen, not much.

What is lucifer in Korea?

it means fallen angel just like in english. SHINee sang a song called Lucifer, but as you already know, lucifer is not a korean word....

Korea divided into what side or Korea?

Korea is divided into North Korea and South Korea....South Korea is much more better than North Korea. North Korea doesn't let people in to their country easily but South Korea is like a normal country...Also South Korea has famous companies such as Samsung,LG,Hyundai....Also nowdays(like 2010,2011) ( Full Answer )

Who gave the name Korea to Korea?

Korea is actually derived from a Korean word. ê³ ë ¤ (Goryeo) when it was phonetically translated, it turned into Korea. -edit- Goryeo was the first unified Korean kingdom. It emerged after the Northern and Southern Kingdoms period. Ko-rea is a rough romanization of Go-ryeo (also known as K ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Korea?

Things to visit and do in south korea 1. Go to the supermarkets and shopping malls - You can buy clothes and food 2. Go to the zoo - You can see animals 3. Go to the ancient houses - You can learn about ancient korean history

When the Japanese invaded Korea what did Korea do?

when they invaded korea. korean go to china and russia and US. andthey make goverment names(sangha imsi goverment). and also weattend japen. example, when japen kings birthday party. one manname weun bong gil, he throuh bomb to japens high people. and hekilled 3 people and hert 4 people. when that d ( Full Answer )