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Q: What is Latin name for protozoa?
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What is the scientific name for the phylum Protozoa?

The scientific name for the phylum Protozoa is Protozoa.

Common name of protozoa?

Protozoa are commonly called "single-celled organisms" or simply "protists."

The discovery of the microorganism responsible for causing malaria?

The causative microorganism for malaria is a protozoa. The name of that protozoa is Plasmodium.

What does the term protozoa mean and Why?

The term protozoa refers to a diverse group of microscopic single-celled organisms that live in water, soil, and the bodies of plants and animals. The name protozoa means "first animals," reflecting their status as some of the earliest and simplest forms of animal life on Earth. These organisms play important roles in various ecosystems as predators, parasites, and decomposers.

Name that means first animal?

I believe you might be doing a project or a crossword. Answer: protozoa lonelyunicorn298

How do you spell protozoa?

That is the correct spelling of "protozoa" a classification of micro-organisms.The name of the sub-kingdom, formerly a phylum, is the proper noun Protozoa.(It is a plural noun, the singular is protozoan)

The name that means first animal?


Can you name a protozoa?

Leishmania Donovani (in bone marrow cells)

What is the name of someone who studies protozoa?

what is the study of protozoans known as?

Is malaria caused by a parasitic worm?

Malaria is transmitted through Mosquitoes. The saliva of the female anopheles mosquito contains a protozoa that infects the humans and animals with the malaria parasite.

What is the scientific name for vorticella?

Vorticella, is the scientific genus name for at least 16 species of protozoa.

Is amoeba algae or protozoa?