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What is Lein holder?

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When you owe a person, company, or government entity a sum of money they can place a "lein" on your assets. This could be your home, car, anything you own. The "lein" simply means that you cannot sell that item without paying what you owe.

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who is the lein holder?

Who is the lein holder on this vehicle

When you pay off a car loan should the lien holder send you CAR KEY?

The lein holder does not have the key to your car. They will have a title that you will be sent.

How do you release a lien from you vehicle?

Pay the Lein holder and then He/she/they release or cancel the Lien. If they will not or do not you may need to see them in court.

lein on my car?

lein on my car

Lein holder address for usaa?

USAA Federal Savings Bank 10750 McDermott Fwy San Antonio, TX 78288

how to find out if you have a tax lein?

how to find out if you have a tax lein

Can you repo a car when the lien has not been recorded with the DMV but you signed the title and filled out the lien holder section of the title?

Is it too late to record the lein?? Assuming the "owner" has not applied for a replacement title and had a lein recorded on the replacement title through the DMV, then yes.

What happens if you do buy a car or motorcycle that has a lien against it and you want to register it and you got the car with a bill of sale?

you will have to find out who has a lein on it have them fill out a fourm of lein satisfy. In most states a lien holder is recorded on the title and the lien holder will keep the title until the lien is paid off. After the lien holder is paid off, they will sign the title to release the lien and give/send the title to the owner. The title office can tell you who has a lien on the title.

What are repossesion laws in Missouri?

In short form, if a payment is missed, the vehicle is up for repossession. The company who owns the note may repossess the vehicle themselves, or may hire an independant company to repo it. Once repossessed, the company who owns the lein has to send a notice of repossession letter to the debtor, giving the debtor 10 days to either pay the car off in full, or catch up on payments missed. This is at the sole discretion of the owner of the note. The lein holder has to hold the debtors personal property for 15 days, and may charge the debtor a fee to retrieve the property. If the car is not claimed in ten days, the lein holder may sell the vehicle to the highest bidder. If the amount received exceeds the amount owed on the vehicle, the lein holder must refund the excess amount to the debtor, if the amount received is less than the amount owed, the lein holder may sue the debtor for the rest of the amount. A modest repossession fee may be applied to the total owed.

Can a co-signer have a car repossessed if there is no lien?

The only one who can "repossess" IS one who has a lein. NO Lein, NO repo. No Lein, NO CO-SIGNOR.

How can you place a lein on someones home?

how do you place a lein on some ones home

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When was Anatoly Lein born?

Anatoly Lein was born on 1931-03-28.

How do you put a lein on a car?

If you have a open title and someone takes it and puts it in their name without your okay can you put a lein on it,

What has the author Yaaov Lein written?

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What can be done when auto is sold and not paid in full?

It depends on the state, but generally, in the U.S. the lein holder will eventually sue you for the difference of what the vehcile sold for and what you owed on it. Generally speaking, you will either have to pay it or file bankruptcy.

Is there any way to get a repossessed car back without paying the car insurance?

Not Unless you can prove that you already had the required insurance.AnswerNo. as soon as you have no insurance on a leased vehicle, the lein holder has the legal right to repo it.



Where can you get a lien release from Arcadia Financial who is now out of business?

citi took them over..what do i need to do to get a lein release from a vehicle i purchased without receiving a lein release from the seller in which he claimed he lost?

How Long does a mechanic's lien last in South Carolina and is anyone exempt?

A mechanics lein is on the property and it can last till the property is sold or the lein is paid.

Can you get your finance company to repossess a vehicle from a second party?

If the lein holder didn't authorize a repossession can the person of ownership take charge and collect the vehicle, even if it's paid on time but both parties on reistration are no longer in agreement?

How do you dispute a federal tax lien appearing on your credit report?

You must notify the Lein Holder, in most cases it is the IRS. On your credit report there will be a c document number. In writing notify the IRS with the document number. Ask them to give you a written status. The date it was satisfied and if it is within 10 years as them to remove it. You must notify the Lein Holder, in most cases it is the IRS. On your credit report there will be a c document number. In writing notify the IRS with the document number. Ask them to give you a written status. The date it was satisfied and if it is within 10 years as them to remove it.

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Is there a time limit for a beneficiary to take care of things?

One word answer: Yes The Administrator will work with the Insurance companies, Lawyers, Lein holder etc. He will "anounce" a hard date for all involved parties to have the paper work done and turned in.