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Q: What is MORAL in paragraph writing?
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What is a supporting body of a paragraph?

a supporting body paragraph is basically a middle paragraph that is detailed with the information you are writing about or what ever else your writing.

Paragraph writing on my school?

The paragraph writing on your school should include the name of your school and some of its achievements.

Where will you get a paragraph on moral values?

even i want it. ;D

When do you start a new paragraph in descriptive writing?

You start a new paragraph in descriptive writing when you start a new topic

What is a paragraph on Mohandas Gandhi?

A paragraph is a type of arranged writing, it is usually 5 to 8 sentences long. A paragraph on Mohandas Gandhi is the arranged writing on this person.

A section of a piece of writing?


Paragraph on moral education the need of the hour?

Morality depends on the orchestration of human caring, objective thinking ... debate, declamation contest, essay writing, competition etc are organized with a motive of inculcating.

What paragraph of a business letter should succinctly state why you are writing the letter?

First paragraph

When writing dialogue when should a new paragraph start?

You start a new paragraph when the subject changes, and if you're writing dialogue, also when the speaker changes.

Could you start a paragraph with for example?

Starting a paragraph with the term for example is not recommended. Try writing a sentence with for example later in the paragraph.

What is methods of paragraph elimination?

differentiate between chronological metod and linear method of paragraph writing

What is structured writing?

Structure writing is writing that is done with a plan. This may be a 5 paragraph essay that you're writing for example.