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Manchester is Manchester

The people from Manchester are called in French les Mancuniens

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Q: What is Manchester in French?
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What does Manchester mean in French?

Sorry, there is no French word translation for the English word "Manchester".

How do you say i went to Manchester in french?

Je suis allé à Manchester.

Who is french in Manchester united?

Patrice Evra

What is the highest restaurant in Manchester?

The French at the Midland

What Manchester United player is french?

patrice evra

Who is from french in the Manchester united team?

patric evra

Do people in Manchester united speak french?

Not likely.

How do you say 'he plays football for Manchester United' in French?

il joue au football pour Manchester United

What has the author Owen French written?

Owen French has written: 'Make the most of Manchester's heritage'

Which Manchester United FC player is French?

Patrice Evra

You like man united translate to french?

Vous aimez Manchester United.

Who was the french centre back to play one game for Manchester united?

William prunier