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Probably Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story, though many of her books have received awards and are relatively well-known.

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What was the 1st book Mary downing hahn write?

Mary Downing Hahn's first book, The Sara Summer, was published in 1979.

What Was The Last Book Mary Downing Hahn Wrote?

Mary Downing Hahn's newest book is called Promises to the Dead, and was released on August 17, 2009.

What is the scariest Mary downing hahn book?

probably Wait till Helen comes

Mary Downing Hanh's most famous book?

We don't truly know but some of her amazing books are:Wait Till Helen ComesClosed for the SeasonThe Doll in the Garden

Is Mary Downing Hahn die?

She might have because she wrote her first book in 1979 and that was @ the age of 41.

Who wrote the book deep dark and dangerous?

deep dark and dangerous' author is Mary downing hahn

What is the genre of Mary Downing Hahn books?

Realistic Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy is how her work is described in book stores.

What famous book did Mary Shelley write?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

What is the book All the lovely bad ones by?

All the Lovely Bad Ones is by one of my favorite authors, Mary Downing Hahn.

Why was Mary Shelley famous?

She wrote the book "Frankenstein"

What made Mary Shelley famous?

Her book Frankenstein.

Why did Mary Downing Hahn become an author?

she first published her first book the sara summer in (1979) meaning she became a true author offically.

How can you reach Mary Downing Hahn?

mary u write really awsome books i love ur book eep and dark and dangerous and i have been tryin to find ur book wait till helen comes but i cant find it because i live in a small town.

What are all of the book that Mary Downing Hahn wrote?

im not so sure but i know she wrote some books like the ghost of crutchfeild hall and the doll in the garden and deep and dark dangerous i know she writes more but those are the ones i have herd off so if your up for some ghost storys Mary Downing Hahn is great

Did Mary McLeod Bethune write the book Roots?

No - the most famous book by that name was written by Alex Haley.

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