What is McLaughlin in Irish?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Mac Lochlainn (Donegal, Derry)

Ó Maoileachlainn (Meath, Westmeath)

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Q: What is McLaughlin in Irish?
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What nationality is the last name McLaughlin?


What ethnicity is the surname McLaughlin?

The surname McLaughlin is either Irish or Scottish, possibly originating with the Norse.Please access the related link listed below for more information:

What does mclaughlin mean?

It is an Irish name and it means either "son of Laughlin" or "the expert sailor".

Where does the surname McLaughlin come from?

The name McLaughlin is a very Irish name, with a few Scottish variants. (i.e. MacLaughlin) This name, more exactly, originates in the county Meath in Ireland and has been around long before the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD. Many Irish fled from their country to find a better life, especially during the Great Potato Famine. This is how we have the Irish surname of McLaughlin in the United States.

How would you say mclaughlin house in Irish?

Teach Mhic Lochlainn (of Ulster).If McLoughlin (of Westmeath) Teach Uí Mhleachlainn.

What nationality is Elizabeth McLaughlin?

If you are referring to the actress from the Clique, she was born in WV. Her heritage is Scotch/Irish on Dad's side and English/Scotch on Mom's.

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There are several famous individuals with the last name McLaughin. Some of these people include Dylan McLaughlin, Ellen McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, and Pat McLaughlin.

How tall is Will McLaughlin?

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