What is Medicare carve out?

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A Medicare carve out is the use of private insurance to enhance the coverage of Medicare insurance. There are several different plans to choose from that work along with Medicare to give the best coverage possible at the least amount of cost to the patient.

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Q: What is Medicare carve out?
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Can you buy Medicare supplemental insurance if you have Medicare carve out coverage?

Please explain your question more thoroughly if my answer does not suffice. I am unsure of what you mean by Medicare Carve Out Coverage. You can buy a Medicare Supplement at any time once you have received your Medicare Part A and Part B. If you do not enroll within 6 months of your Part B effective date you would be subject to underwriting. You can not join a Medicare Supplement if you already have a Medicare Advantage Plan as this is not allowed by Centers for Medicare. You would be required to drop your Medicare Advantage Plan prior to the Medicare Supplement effective date. If you had coverage through an employer, you would not need Medicare Supplement coverage as your employer coverage would be primary and then Medicare would be secondary for your out-of-pocket costs covered by Medicare.

If a patient has medicare primary bcbs secondary medicaid tertiary and medicare pays bu t bcbs denies for carve out Is medicaid now responsible for balance?

You would need to check the medicad policy if the claim is covered or if they will be the 3rd party insurance payee in this case.

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