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What is Michael Jordan's career high?

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His career high for a regular season game is 69 in a overtime game against Cleveland on 3/28/90. His playoff career high is 63 against the Celtics on 4/20/86, setting the record for most points in a playoff game.

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What was the scoring average throughout Michael Jordans career?

Michael Jordan scored a career average of 30.1 point per game.

What is Michael jordans education?

he went to laney high school

What are Michael Jordans nacknames?

Michael Jordans nicknames are "Air Jordan",and "His airness"

Who are Michael Jordans daughters?

Michael Jordans only daughter is called Jasmine. He has 2 sons Jeffrey and Marcus.

Did Nike invent Jordans or Jordans invented Nike?

nike invented the jordans but later it got modified by Michael Jordan

What is Michael Jordan's IQ?

154 is Michael jordans IQ

What is Michael Jordans full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan..

Where do they make Air Jordans?

They Make Air Jordans because Michael Jordan is a legendary player

When did Michael Jordans impacts on America begin?

Micheal jordans impact on America started when he was in colloge.

Is Michael Jordan the creator of Air Jordans an jordans?

yes but there are other people who help him design it

How many pairs of Jordans do michael Jordan have?

He kept six pairs of every type of Jordans.

Michael Jordans signature number?

Michael Jordan's signature number is 23.

What are the names of Michael Jordan's children?

iiididiwhat are Michael jordans children names

When was Michael Jordans rookie season?

Michael Jordan Rookie year was in 1984.

What color are Michael Jordan eyes?

Michael jordans eyes are the colour brown

Did Michael Jordan invent jordans?

He had a say in the designs of them

What was Michael Jordans scoring average throughout his career?

For his NBA career, Michael Jordan's regular season scoring average was 30.1 points per game (32292 points in 1072 games). His playoff scoring average was 33.4 points per game (5987 points in 179 games).

What are the most expensive Air Jordans?

They are in Michael Jordan's closet.

Michael Jordans Family?

his family is stupid and they have sex alot

Who is in Michael Jordans family?

mom,dad who died, brother

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