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Q: What is Micky and AJ from fratmen real name?
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What is aj michalkas' real name?

Her Real name is Amanda Joy Michalka Aj because Amanda Joy

What are aly and ajs real names?

Aly's real name is Alyson and AJ's real name is Amanda Joy.

What is aj styles real name in tna total non stop action?

aj styles but is real name is Allen loyd Jones

What is AJ real name?

Amanda Joy

Aj syles real name?

Andrew Jack is my name.

What is aj styles's real name?

His name is Allen Jones.

What does aj stand for in wrestling?

It's probably their actual name like AJ's real name is AJ Lee or A might be their first name and J might mean Junior.

What is aj pierzinski real name?

Anthony John

What is AJ Sytles real name?

Allen Jones

What is aj lees real name?

April Jeanette

What is aj's real name?

Amanda Joy Michalka

What does aj's name stand for in wrestling?

I believe aj means April Jeanette since her real name is April Jeanette Mendez