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What is Millsberry?


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Millsberry is a website where you create a person and feed them, get them a house, and stuff like that.


Millsberry is a kids website where you design a person (give them clothes, name them, fix their hair, etc.). You also play games to earn "money" with which you can buy a house, furniture, clothes, pets, and many other items. I think you'd enjoy it!

It's a fun game where you manage your money design your house


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There is no way for you to get arrested in millsberry.

I had a baby on millsberry in my 10th year.

There are no cheat codes for millsberry!

You can get prizes on millsberry by waiting in for an activity in the gazette.

Millsberry first started back in 2004.

The millsberry gazzete updates once a week

Club Peguin. Millsberry SUCKS ! I believe club penguin does tooo . ;DD but its better than millsberry .

Millsberry is good at protecting there site but there are some cheats.

Everyone knows the email of the administrators of millsberry is

You go downtown on Millsberry and click on the Home Entertainment Superstore.

Millsberry doesn't exist anymore. It was shut down, sorry!

You can't millsberry. That's like saying ''how do you beat club penguin''. There is no ending to Millsberry. Like a last level but you can beat games and other stuff in Millsberry. Please rate me 5/5 stars!

You don't really attend Millsberry Academy. You just go there and do stuff like buy lunch and go to the school store.


please can anyone tell me if you can make a poster on millsberry? if so then how?

Because it was made and owned by General Mills cereal company.

There used to be before millsberry stopped them, check out my yardsale! My user is shannonnorris

well you have to keep playing the games and then eventually you'll get it

If you wanna know how, type in the Question Box " Millsberry Money Cheats? " HOPE THIS HELPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -SummerGal1998 Friendly Tip: I'm the one that did the answer for " Millsberry Money Cheats? "

Neopets and Club Penguin are similar sites like Millsberry. Runescape, Habbo, Toontown are also great sites where you can play games like on Millsberry.

it doesnt open its just for decoration send me money mario22124 in millsberry

NO! trust me i have been on millsberry for many years... I have tried all of the cheats andthey do not work.

On Millsberry you can buy a swimming pool at Peterson's Hardware Shop by the bookstore. == ==

You get trophy's in millsberry by playing games. If you get a really good score they will give you a trophy for that game.

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