What is Monday in Austrian?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is Monday in Austrian?
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What is an Austrian?

An Austrian is a native or resident of Austria.

What nationality was Hitler?

Austrian originally.

How do you say wonderful in Austrian?

In Austrian German, you can say "wunderbar" to mean wonderful.

How do you say the word Austrian in German?

A female Austrian is "Österreicherin".A male Austrian is "Österreicher"As an adjective it is österreichisch"

What does an Austrian call Austria?

an Austrian is to Austria as an American is to America.

What is grandma is Austrian?

I come from an Austrian family and both my grandparents are 100% Austrian and we call my grandmother baba.

Is fraser Austrian?

Fraser novell is definitely Austrian.

Does Austrian need to be capitalized in a sentence?

Yes, Austrian should be capitalized when referring to something or someone from Austria, such as an Austrian person.

What was Franz Ferdinand's nationality?

Austrian of the Austrian-Hungry Empire

When was Austrian schilling created?

Austrian schilling was created in 1924.

When was Austrian Congregation created?

Austrian Congregation was created in 1625.

When was Austrian Airlines created?

Austrian Airlines was created in 1957.