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Montana ranks the number six.

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Q: What is Montana's ranking coal producing?
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What is world ranking for coal?

it's world rank is 1

What is Zambia in the top a copper producing?

Zambia is currently 9 or 10 in ranking of copper producing countries.

Are the harmful byproducts by producing coal to do work?


What are the advantages of burning coal for electricity?

The only advantage of producing electricity from coal is that it will cost cheaper.

What are the top coal producing countries?

china & the usa

China producing coal?

2.38 billion tons

What is the largest coal producing country of the world?


How much coal are you using and producing?

As Much As I Need

Name of coal producing state of India?

name the states in India which producing coalWest Bengal

Where is coal found?

Under the ground but it is mined both underground and in open pits. China is the biggest coal producing county in the world but the USA has the largest coal deposits and reserves. Other major coal producing countries include Russia, India, Australia and South Africa.

Which is the largest coal reserve of India?

The coal reserve in Jharkhand is the largest in India, producing more than 80 metric tons of coal.

Is there coal mining in Texas?

Yes, by the 1990's Texas was the nations 6th largest coal producing states