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Nelson Mandela made the world a better place through his tireless efforts to end apartheid in South Africa and promote equality and justice. His leadership and advocacy for human rights inspired people around the world and helped bring about significant political and social changes. Mandela's legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation continues to have a lasting impact on peace-building and social progress globally.

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he is making the world a much better place because of black rights and he is standing up for what he believes in !

Nelson Mandela is very much still alive, and he still makes a huge impact on South African society as well as the world.

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Q: What is Nelson Mandela making the world a better place?
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Where is the birth place of Nelson Mandela?


How is the place which nelson Mandela lives is still here today?

he lived in it

Is Nelson Mandela an example of a proper noun?

Yes, Nelson Mandela is a proper noun; the name of a person. A proper noun is the name of a person, a place, a thing, or a title.

Why was nelson Mandela a lawyer?

He went to some place in south Africa, I think.

What can a person do to become like Nelson Mandela?

If you want to become more like nelson Mandela all you have to do is except people for who they are and not judge them by the colour of their skin or what they look like...if we had more people like nelson Mandela the world would be a totally different place and we would live in peace.

Does Nelson Mandela think South Africa is a changed place?

Beacause he runs the country

What handicap did Nelson Mandela had?

i have no idea this place is supposed to give ti to me im not supposed to say it

Where was the birth place of Nelson Mandela?

born in Transkei, South Africa on July 18, 1918.

Why is nelson Mandela so admired as a leader.How is he similar or different from other world leaders that you know about?

Is it Nelson Mandela? I knew that Nelson Mandela is the first black president. Nelson Mandela became a leader because of his touching speech. He suffered imprisonment in a deep cause. He struggled for his freedom, that's why he was chosen to be the leader of their place. repost this if you want. posted by: joseph_ck16

Why didnt Nelson Mandela leave prison when he was offered release?

nelson Mandela didnt want to take up the offer of release because if he did then he would have to stop the violent fighting and standing up for what he beieved in and he couldn't just stand there and watch injustice take place!!

Previous name of nelson Mandela place in Glasgow?

Saint George's Place. Source - 1859 Ordnance Survey Town Plan 1:500 scale.

Nelson Mandela contribution?

Nelson Mandela had a great many contributions that he gave the world including inspiration about education. Nelson Mandela believed that education could improve the world.