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The motto of Oklahoma Baptist University is 'Eruditione Religioneque Veritas'.


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Oklahoma Baptist University is located in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Baptist University was created in 1910.

The motto of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is 'We connect Oklahoma'.

The motto of International Baptist College is 'Mentoring into Ministry'.

The motto of Irish Baptist College is 'Domine Sequor'.

California Baptist University's motto is 'Live your purpose'.

The motto of Geelong Baptist College is 'To Live The Truth'.

The motto of Redeemer Baptist School is 'To hear is to obey'.

The motto of King's Baptist Grammar School is 'motto translation = Vision of Faith'.

Ouachita Baptist University's motto is 'Vision. Integrity. Service.'.

The motto of Hawaii Baptist Academy is 'Christ For Every Nation'.

Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children was created in 1903.

Carey Baptist Grammar School's motto is 'By Courage and Faith'.

The motto of Trinity Baptist College is 'Training Students for Life and Ministry'.

Maranatha Baptist Bible College's motto is 'To the Praise of His Glory'.

The motto of Arlington Baptist College is 'Into All The World With All The Word'.

The motto of American Baptist College is 'Light a Flame that lasts forever'.

Hilltop Baptist School's motto is 'Preparing Youth for Here and Eternity'.

Southside Baptist Christian School's motto is 'Elite Education Experience'.

Carey Baptist Grammar School's motto is 'Animo et Fide'.

The motto of West Coast Baptist College is 'Training laborers for His harvest'.

The motto of Northern Oklahoma College is 'A Tradition of Excellence'.

Hong Kong Baptist University's motto is '篤信力行'.

The motto of Wayland Baptist University is 'Go Ye into All the World / Let There Be Light'.

Oklahoma City Community College's motto is 'Also,'.

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