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PCSX2 is an emulator that makes it possible to play PS2 games on your PC

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How do you emulate PlayStation games with PCSX2?

PCSX2 does not support PlayStation emulation. That's what PCSX is for.

What are different PlayStation 2 emulator and Pcsx2?

pcsx2 IS an emulator for playstation 2. no difference x_x

Can pcsx2 run in Windows xp?

Yes. The Windows version of PCSX2 runs on Windows XP.

Can you install the Sims 2 to your hard drive?

If you are talking about the PC version, then YES. But, you can't install the PS2 version. You need PCSX2 and the PS2 ISO image of the game for that. You can get PCSX2 from You need the best PCs out there to run PCSX2 at full speed.

Where can you download PCSX2?

PCSX2 can be downloaded from the project's website. You can find a link in the "Related links" section below.

Will you get bios with PCSX2 0.9.5?


Where can you download pcsx2 plugins files?

From the official PCSX2 website:

How do you use ISO on pcsx2?


What is password of pcsx2 bios?


How do you play 4 players on pcsx2?

You can not

How do you solve pcsx2 ps2 emulator error opening gs plugin?

ME to how will u solve error opening GS plugin*pcsx2?

Playstation 2 simulator for Windows XP? - PCSX2 PS2 Emulator.

Can playstation2 game be converted to PC game?

Yes they can be with the pcsx2 emulator just tipe in pcsx2 in google and you ll find the site.

Does PCSX2 require you to own a PlayStation 2 console?

Legally, PCSX2 requires you to have a PlayStation 2 for two reasons, one as a license to play PlayStation 2 games, and the other for you to dump the BIOS from, as PCSX2 requires a copy of the PlayStation 2 BIOS. Once you have PCSX2 running, however, there is no technical reason you need a PlayStation 2.

Can you play ps1 games on pcsx2?

not sure, but why would you want to use pcsx2 when there's ePSXe ? you can play most of the games on ePSXe :D

Does PCSX2 run on Linux Mint?


What games are compatible with Pcsx2 0.9.4?

Look at the compatibility list on the Pcsx2 emulator on the top menu bar were it says help. It will give you a list of what games can run and what can not.

How do you use pcsx2 0.9.4?

Install it o.o then there's a comprehensive guide at the website you get pcsx2 from :) This will tell you exactly how to set it up :)

How do you get kingdom hearts 2 working in pcsx2?

Look on youtube on AlexsGuides channel and watch 100% Guide To PCSX2. that's me explaining how to set everything up

Where can you get a PS2 emulator only by downloading and no buying?


Where can you download latest plugins of pcsx2?

The related link has a compete section and you might just want to start all over with a new download if it is a newer PCSX2 configuration

How do you increase your FPS in PCSX2?

You don't. You must turn off Windows completely and leave only PCSX2 to run. Windows is stealing performance from PCSX2. This is why PS2's games have big fps, PS2 don't have Windows in background running. Practically, it is impossible. Maybe you can install PCSX2 as a subsystem or something. Maybe than you will have almost full fps in emulator. P.S. Sorry if my English is bad, I'm from Croatia.

How do you make PCSX2 run faster?

First of all, you want the game to run faster, not the emulator. To do this, you manipulate the settings in the configure dialog box. Each game has their own settings and preffered speedhacks. Experiment wit it. If you want to make pcsx2 portable, put directx files in pcsx2 folder.

How do you download Tekken 5 in PC?

u gonna need a torrent and download torrent file then download pcsx2 emulator and copy whole folder of pcsx2 in tekken 5

After installing pcsx2 on PC will be able to play PS games?

No. PCSX2 is used for playing Playstation2 games. If you want to play games for the original Playstation, try PCSX or ePSXe.