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Q: What is Palmolive dish soap pH level?
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What is pH of dish cleaner?

Can mopping your floors everyday with Palmolive dish soap and water cause harm to a dog?

What is the pH level of dish washer soap?

It is basic.

Is dish soap an acid or a base?

Dish soap is a base. A base has a pH level above 7.

What is the pH of dish soap?

The pH of dish soap would be a base, but depending on the type of soap one is using, the actual pH number would differ.

What is the pH level of hand soap?

the pH level in Lysol hand soap is 5.8the pH level in Equate hand soap is 6.9the pH level in Dial hand soap is 6.1the pH level in Soft Soap hand soap is 6.7

What is the pH level of dish soap?

The PH is being tested by people on the effect who ever said that its being tested by on ant is stupid

What is pH of dish soap?


What is the pH if dish soap?

Soaps have generally a pH over 7.

What is the pH level of cinthol soap?

The pH level of cinthol soap is 9.5.

Does dawn dish soap have a high Ph?

Dawn Ultra Concentrated Antibacterial Hand Soap and Dish Washing liquid has a pH of 9. Ivory Dish Soap from the same manufacturer has a pH of 7.4. Soap naturally has a high pH, but many commercial soaps have buffers to normalize the ph. This is how some soaps keep from burning eyes and making people break out in rashes. Industrial soaps use the same trick to keep from reacting with metals.

What is the suitable pH level in soaps for infants and babies?

The best pH level for soap the use on an infant is 7. A safe level for humans pH level of soap is anywhere from 7 to 14. This is to mainttain a safe pH level in the skin naturally.

What liquid dish soap has a low pH balance?

According to the article "Average PH Levels of Common Cleaning Supplies" on, any dish-washing soap marketed as "Mild" or "Easy on the hands" is likely to have a pH of 7-8.