What is Phlebotomy Technician Programs?

Updated: 11/5/2022
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Phlebotomy technician draws quality blood samples from patients or blood donors and prepares those specimens for medical testing. Many patients have phobias when it comes to blood and needles, and giving blood can be the most difficult part of an office visit. The phlebotomy technician must create an atmosphere of trust and confidence with patients while drawing blood specimens in a skillful, safe and reliable manner.

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Q: What is Phlebotomy Technician Programs?
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What is the certification for phlebotomy technician?

National Certification Career Association is the certification for phlebotomy technician

Who performs phlebotomy procedures?

Phlebotomy, which is also known as venesection, is performed by a nurse or a technician known as a phlebotomist

What is another name for phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy, which is also known as venesection, is performed by a nurse or a technician

Are there any programs that have phlebotomy training?

Yes, there are many phlebotomy training programs. Check out

What much money does a Phlebotomy technician earn?

about 13/hr

What is important when drawing blood from an elderly patient?

phlebotomy technician

Where can I find more information about the average salary of a phlebotomy technician?

A phlebotomy technician's salary can range from $20,000 to $36,000. Their hourly rate is between $9 and $14. They get overtime and bonuses. They draw and prepare blood as an assistant.

phlebotomy courses in northyork,on? can help

How much money does a phlebotomy technician earn?

$7-$15/hour depending on experience and location.

What is the yearly salary of a Phlebotomy technician in NJ?

$12-$18/hr doe and which shift your work

How much training is involved before starting a career in phlebotomy?

To start a career in phlebotomy one has to take a phlebotomy program. Depending on the school you go to it can take from a semester to a year. On top of that a person has to have some hands on experience in drawing blood. Once you become a Certified Phlebotomy technician you have to renew your certification once a year.

What is the term for an individual trained and skilled in the puncture of a vein for the purpose of drawing blood?

It is called a Phlebotomist. I am a Certified Phlebotomy Technician through the National Healthcare Association.