What is Platos hometown?

Updated: 5/2/2024
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Plato was born in Athens, Greece.

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Q: What is Platos hometown?
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What does Lava los Platos mean in English?

"Lava los platos" in English means "wash the dishes."

What does Platos mean in English?

Platos can mean "dishes or plates" when translated into english.

What is Platos chicos?

small plates

What is entrees in Spanish?

Platos Principales

What are the release dates for Entre platos y notas - 1930?

Entre platos y notas - 1930 was released on: USA: 1930

What actors and actresses appeared in Entre Platos - 2012?

The cast of Entre Platos - 2012 includes: Jonathan Kebe as Himself - Host

Como se dice dishes?


What does vende Platos mean?

(He) Sells plates.

What does platos fuertes mean?

"strong plates"

What schools did euclid attend?

platos academy

When did euclid go to school?

platos academy

How do you say dishes in Spanish?

For the things we refer to in English as "plates", it would be "platos". As in a pretty girl, "bombón". As in a type of food, "comida".