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Pokemon Yellow is a Pokemon game released for the GameBoy Color. The story line is pretty much the same as Blue and Red, but it has a few changes.

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Q: What is Pokemon Yellow?
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Where is Pokemon stadium at Pokemon Yellow?

in Pokemon yellow there is no Pokemon stadium

Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow

Where do you get poliwhirl Pokemon yellow?

poliwhirl is not in pokemon yellow

Can you get the three legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

No. They were made after Pokemon Yellow.

Can you get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow?

No, you cannot get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow.

Pokemon spark yellow?

There is no Pokemon Spark Yellow game.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon yellow to Pokemon yellow?

Yes you can trade Pokémon between two Pokémon Yellow games.

Where do you get the vs seeker in Pokemon Yellow?

You cant get it in Pokemon Yellow as it was only introduced in Pokemon Firered, and LeafGreen. You can get exp all though in Pokemon yellow.

Pokemon Yellow rare candy?

You can get rare candies in pokemon yellow

Where is farfetch'd on Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow you cant find one

How do you get Onix to evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow Onix does not evolve, it is a one stage Pokemon.

Where is the move deleter in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no move deleter in Pokemon yellow... you have to keep the hm's that you learned your Pokemon

How can you get Togepi in Pokemon Yellow version?

You can't get Togepi in Pokemon Yellow. Togepi does not exist in that Pokemon generation. (:

Where is prime cup in Pokemon Yellow?

The 'Prime Cup' does not exist in Pokemon yellow

How do you catch meowth in Pokemon Yellow?

Meowth is not in the wild in Pokemon Yellow. You have to trade to get it

Where do you find whirlpool in Pokemon Yellow?

Whirlpool isn't in Pokemon Yellow Version.

Is there a light ball in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no Light Ball item in Pokemon Yellow.

How do you get an umbreon in Pokemon Yellow?

You cannot get an umbreon on Pokemon Yellow as they were only introduced in Pokemon Silver and Gold and from then on. You can only get Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon on Yellow.

Shiny Pokemon cheat code for Pokemon Yellow?

Shiny Pokemon weren't invented until Generation II of Pokemon. So there is no shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow!

best pokemon game dont say yellow?

pokemon blue

Where is yellow in Pokemon HeartGold?

there is no such thing as yellow

When was the Pokemon Yellow game relased?

Pokemon Yellow was released in October of the year 1999.

Why do you need a Game Boy printer for Pokemon Yellow?

No the printer is not required for Pokemon yellow.

How much is Pokemon Yellow worth?

I found Pokemon yellow 5 dollars at eBay

Where is earth badge in Pokemon Yellow?

the earth badge is located in the game in pokemon yellow