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Q: What is Raindrops that cover surface with a coating of ice is called?
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What is number of square units needed to cover a surface called?

the answer is (area)

What is the geometric term that the number of square units needed to cover a surface?

The geometric term for the number of square units needed to cover a surface is called the area of said surface.

What is electro-plating?

Is to coat or cover electrolytically with a layer of metal. The process of producing a coating, usually metallic, on a surface by the action of electric current. The deposition of a metallic coating onto an object is achieved by putting a negative charge on the object to be coated and immersing it into a solution which contains a salt of the metal to be deposited.

How many square feet will 110 gallon of elastomeric coating cover?

176.4583/thickness of the coating, in inches

What are the measurement describing the number of unit squares that cover a surace called?

That measurement are called the "area" of the surface.

Concrete Floor Coating Application?

form_title=Concrete Floor Coating Application form_header=7673 What is the surface area you want to cover ?*= {Select One,100 sq ft - 400 sq ft,400 sq ft - 800 sq ft,Greater than 800 sq ft} "Does the area have any coating, still present?"*= () Yes () Don't Know () No How would you describe the current condition of the surface?*= {Select One,Smooth,Rough,Small fissures,Large uneven crevices} Please specify the type of concrete surface the coating will be applied to. (Select all that apply)*= [] Garage floor [] Basement floor [] Patio [] Warehouse floor [] Intererior surface [] Exterior surface

Can you measure the speed and force of raindrops what is the effect on soil and with and without ground cover could you simulate the effect of rain?


What waxy substance cover the leaf surface?

the waxy material in the leaf is called "CUTIN"

What percent of metal makes metalLic coating?

A metallic coating could cover quite a small percentage of the surface. For example so called "one way mirrors" often seen in police interview scenes have 10 - 30 % of coating, and one must make sure that the lighting in the 'suspect' room is much brighter than in the observation room. The metal is often deposited by vacuum deposition methods. Metals used are such as aluminium, or nickel. because of tarnish resistance.

What landforms cover Earth's surface?

What landforms cover Earth's surface?

Prior to the application of the deck cover coating all residue and loose coating must be?

Removed by brushing with a stiff brustle brush

Does a virus has an outer protein coat?

A virus has a protective protein coating called the capsid. The capsid is a cover for the genetic material inside, either RNA or DNA.