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Tricky Dicky

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Q: What is Richard Nixons nickname?
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What is nixons nickname?

Tricky Dicky

What was Richard nixons platform?

He was cool

What was Richard Nixon presidential salary?

what was richard nixons salary as president

Which of president Gerald Ford's actions helped restore confidence in the government?

he continued richard nixons foreign policy

What was Richard Nixons sisters name?

he had no sister

What is president Nixons first name?

Richard 2nd name Milhous

Richard Nixons moms madien name?

Hannah Cathrine Ryan

What is Nixons first name?

Nixons politocal party affiliation?

Richard Nixon was a member of the Republican party.

What is Richard Petty's nickname?

Richard Petty is known as "The King".

Who was Richard Nixons mother?

President Richard M. Nixon's mother was Hannah Milhous (1885-1967).

Richard Nixons middle name?

President Nixon's middle name was Milhouse.