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That means "F*ck u"

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Q: What is SINE means in Japanese?
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What do you mean by sine dine?

Sine die means "indefinitely."

What does sine era mean?

Sine ira means "without anger".

What is Latin for without?

sine (followed by the ablative case)

What is Sine in Gaelic Sine translated as?

In Irish 'sine' translates as 'nipple, teat'; it also means 'link' as in 'sine de shlabhra', link of chain.With a long mark over the 'i', Sìne is the Scots Gaelic version of "Jean, Jane, Sheena'.

Damnum sine injuria?

What is Damnum sine injuria means in the Law of Torts? Give anexample of it in details.

What does sine metu mean?

sine metuSine Metu means 'without fear.'It is on every bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey and was the family mottoe of the Jamesonsit is also a skateboarding brand beter than elementhi,"sine metu" means "without fear" it was the motto of of John Jameson founder of the Jameson Distillery in Dublin Ireland

Sine wave means what?

The sine wave is also called a sinusoid is a mathematical curve that describes the smooth repetitive oscillation.

Is sin squared theta and sin theta squared the same?

Your question is insufficiently precise, but I'll try to answer anyway. "Sine squared theta" usually means "the value of the sine of theta, quantity squared". "Sine theta squared" usually means "the value of the sine of the quantity theta*theta". The two are not at all the same.

What does con cura mean?

Sine Cura means Without Worries Con Cura probably means With Worries (Being worried) Sine Cura means Without Worries Con Cura probably means With Worries (Being worried)

What does adjournment sine die mean?

Sine die (pronounced sinnay deeay) is Latiin for 'without the day'. So an adjournment sine die means that the proceedings will be adjourned without a date being set for them to be resumed.

Difference between injuria sine damno and damnum sine injuria?

Injuria sine damno means violation of a legal right without causing any harm. Damun sine injuria is the injury/ damage too small to be remedied practically at law. In such case the nominal damages/ symbolic damages can be claimed.

What is the English translation for nihil sine?

It means "[there is] nothing without work"