What is Saoji food in Nagpur?

Saoji food is traditional food of Nagpur, Maharashtra. The cuisine also called Saoji Waradi is famous for its spicy taste and is highly recommended to all the spicy food lovers. The special spices, which are used in making the gravy of Saoji food include black pepper, dry coriander, bay leaves, grey cardamom, cinnamon, cloves etc. Saoji Gravy is characterized by its spicy flavor and ample use of poppy seeds (Khus-Khus) and powdered coconut.

Non-vegetarian food especially chicken and mutton are commonly used in Nagpur area for making the Saoji food, but vegetarian food can also be prepared especially using Boiled Potato, Paneer or Soya Chunks. Saoji food, although being very spicy, is not harmful to the body and does not lead to any digestive problems, as the process of cooking has been modified to overcome any health problems.