What is Selena's last name?

There are many people named Selena (including popular Disney actress/singer Selena Gomez), but the famous Mexican-American singer who went by Selena was named Selena Quintanilla. Her married name was Perez.

Also in her movie "Selena" one of the ladies that was in the movie killed Selena 4 her money.


EDIT: Yolanda killed Selena, but she is in jail now for life. Yes, she is still alive at this point. Yolanda has said to people, "No, I would never kill selena, she is like my daughter! How could I ever kill her?" Yet we know it was her. She might not have killed Selena for money, however. Yolanda was in a bit of trouble before this, so that might have been the cause. We will never know, because Yolanda is crazy, and not much can be made out of what she says. I don't mean to say crazy as in joking around, like a slang term, I really mean that something is wrong in her head. I hope this helps. <3