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"With or without you" by "U2".

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What is Shakiras favorite food?

shakiras favorite food is spigetti

What is Shakiras favorite colour?

shakiras fav colors r black + white

What is Shakiras favorite color?

Her favorite colour is black.

What is Shakira's best song?

shakiras best song is whatewer whenewer

What is Shakiras favourite song?

sombra de ti and invetable

What language is Shakiras song gypsy in?

The song "Gypsy" sang by Shakira is in English and Spanish

Who is Shakiras favorite soccer player?

didier drigba because he's the best

What is the name of Shakiras new song?

Waka Waka {this time for africa}

What was Shakiras first song?

It was 'whenever, wherever' i reckon, sometime in late 90s

What is Shakira's favorite type of music?

shakiras faveroit type of music is spanish music as she is spanish and her faveroit song is"Sombra De Ti" from her second album "Donde Estan Los Ladrones".

Big b Malayalam movie song which resembles Shakiras album?

ojas asi is a shakira's song, and i found the song from BIG B-the malayalam movie to be similar to that song

Is shakiras song loca about shakira?

yes because in the song she sings and im crazy but you like it so its about her not a guy or her family its about shakira she is not gay

What are some of Shakiras failures?

One of shakiras failures is WHEN SHE STARTED TO SING!

What is Shakiras curse?

shakiras curse is a death curse over 4 days

Which side is Shakiras hair line?

i think that it is on the right and i want my hair like shakiras

What is SpongeBob's favorite song?

spongebob's favorite song is the song of his show

What is Shakiras favorite things?

I don't know but I will tell u this she is the best and I have hugged and hang out with her she is amazing dah what do u think I loveeeeeeeee her I have her number

What is Shakiras top song?

Her top song would just have to be Waka Waka. It's in the top charts and everything. The song just makes you wanna dance and sing. The video clip is good as well!

What is matty'bs favorite song?

his favorite song is like a g6

What is Cody Simpsons favorite song by him?

On My Mind is his favorite song by him

What is jhake vargas favorite song?

of coures his favorite song his own song ngiti

What is you favorite song and singer?

my favorite singer is katy perry and my favorite song is shake it off

What is miranda's favorite song?

Her favorite song is, as of February 2010, About You Now

What is Bindi Irwin's Favorite Song?

her favorite song is save me by herself

What was FDR's favorite song?

FDR's favorite song was: Home On The Range!

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