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What is Sharon Stone's best movie?

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spreading legs without undies in basic instinct

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Sharon Stones was created on 2002-06-05.

She could possibly be Sharon Stones relative as she looks alot like her and is a great actress.

The cast of The Best of Sharon and Gabby - 1984 includes: Gabby Concepcion Sharon Cuneta

Keith Richards( guitarrist of rolling stones) and Tim Burton ( movie director)

No. But Martin Scorsese's 1995 crime drama earned Sharon Stone a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

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Sharon Hampson has: Played herself in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played Sharon in "Candles, Snow and Mistletoe" in 1993. Played Sharon in "Sing Around the Campfire" in 1995. Played Sharon in "Skinnamarink TV" in 1998. Played Sharon in "25 Years of Skinnamarink" in 2004.

Sharon Stone appeared in He Said, She Said (1991) which starred Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins.

The movie Sticks And Stones starred David Sutcliffe, Alexander De Jordy and Daniel Magder along with many other actors. This movie is based on a true story.

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Sharon Stone plays a fictional character by the name of Catherine Tramell in the 1992 movie Basic Instinct and also in the 2006 sequel Basic Instinct Two.

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The movie 'Why Did I Get Married' which was released in 2007, stars Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, and Sharon Leal.

Sharon Stone appeared in the movie Silver in the year 1993. Many differently rated cuts of the film were released for network TV, rental, and home video over the years.

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