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Shawn Matthias is number 27 on the Vancouver Canucks.

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What NHL team does Shawn Matthias play for?

Shawn Matthias plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

What position does Shawn Matthias play?

Shawn Matthias plays center for the Vancouver Canucks.

When was Shawn Snesar born?

Shawn Snesar was born on March 23, 1969, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What has the author Shawn Blore written?

Shawn Blore has written: 'Frommer's Brazil' -- subject(s): Guidebooks 'Frommer's Portable Vancouver' 'Frommer's Portable Rio de Janeiro' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Nonfiction, Travel 'Frommer's(r) Portable Vancouver'

What is Shawn Marion's number on the Dallas Mavericks?

Shawn Marion is number 0 on the Dallas Mavericks.

What is Shawn Tolleson's number on the Texas Rangers?

Shawn Tolleson is number 37 on the Texas Rangers.

What is Shawn Williams's number on the Cincinnati Bengals?

Shawn Williams is number 40 on the Cincinnati Bengals.

What is Shawn Horcoff's number on the Dallas Stars?

Shawn Horcoff is number 10 on the Dallas Stars.

What is Shawn Thornton's number on the Boston Bruins?

Shawn Thornton is number 22 on the Boston Bruins.

What Number Was Shawn Johnson in the Olympics 2008?

Shawn Johnson was number four. Im a big fan8)

What is Shawn Michaels' Phone number?

What is Shawn Michaels number

What is Shawn Kelley's number on the New York Yankees?

Shawn Kelley is number 27 on the New York Yankees.

What is Shawn Michael's official fan phone number?

A public fan phone number for Shawn Michael is not known at this time.

What number jersey did Shawn Chacon wear for the New York Yankees?

Pitcher Shawn Chacon wore number 39 from 2005 to 2006.

What is Shawn Mendes real cell phone number?

Shawn Mendes private phone number has been LEAKED a few days back. A close friend published his number on: celebsphonenumbers.com/shawn-mendes-phone-number/ This wont be online too long so hurry up!

How many gold medals did Shawn White win?

Through the 2010 Games in Vancouver, Shaun White has won 2 Olympic gold medals, both in men's halfpipe at the 2006 Games in Turin and 2010 Games in Vancouver.

Who Where is number 31 in the nba?

Shawn Marion plays for Dallas Mavericks and his jersey number is 31.

What is Shawn Michaels house number?

Some people know but they do not want to share as Shawn michaels already has a huge amount of fan mail to reply to.

What is Shawn Johnson's cellphone number?

Why do you think she deserves to have her privacy violated by her cellphone number being given out to the public?

What is Gary Williams basketball uniform number?

His college basketball unifiorm number was 14, same as Shawn Mosely's number on the current squad.

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