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Shea Weber is number 6 on the Nashville Predators.

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What NHL team does Shea Weber play for?

Shea Weber plays for the Nashville Predators.

What position does Shea Weber play?

Shea Weber plays defense for the Nashville Predators.

What team does shea weber play for?

He Plays for the Nashville Predators and he is their Captain. He's unreal :)

Is Mike Fisher the captain of the Nashville Predators?

Fisher and Martin Erat are alternate captains for the Predators. Shea Weber is the current captain.

Who is the nashville predators best player?

Shea Webber for sure. Suter, Erat and Fischer are also studs.

What is Shea McClellin's number on the Chicago Bears?

Shea McClellin is number 99 on the Chicago Bears.

Why isn't kenley shea monson on the singing bee?

She is cutting a record in Nashville TN of her own music :)

How many Nashville Predators are Canadian?

14 Predators are Canadian: J-P Dumont Mike Fisher Matt Halischuk Matthew Lombardi Cal O'Reilly Jerred Smithson Nick Spaling Steve Sullivan Jordin Tootoo Joel Ward Cody Franson Kevin Klein Shane O'Brien Shea Weber

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How many Nashville predators are Canadians?

As of the 2011-2012 season: 11. Jordin Tootoo Gabriel Bourque Mike Fisher Matt Halischuk Brian McGrattan Nick Spaling Brandon Yip Ryan Ellis Kevin Klein Shea Weber Chet Pickard (who admittedly was 'barely' on the team for this season... but he was on the roster none the less)

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