What is Software technology?

The software technology is the creative improvement process between the humanity and the hardware technology. Software technology comprises of software engineering, software scientific researches, and developments, economics, social, ethical, biological, psychological and practically all endeavours of humans creativities and innovations, that contributes to the civilised world, improves and increases human comfort zone. One of the aims of software technology is to increase the software qualities through researches, the creations of principals and standards, improves the humans computers interactions and incorporations, the introductions of advance and improved security technologies. The utilisations of software qualities to improve the continental state of awareness and the reductions of pains, sickness, and deaths. Above all from the creedal to the grave existence of software. The creative and innovative didactic thinking before the creations of software's, the software developments life circle, first to market, software public relations and incident responses, the inputs and outputs of software's in to the market can be called enhanced software technology.