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Spongebob and Patrick's favourite theme park is Glove World.

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i play minecraft

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Q: What is SpongeBob and Patricks favorite theme park?
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Which theme park has a SpongeBob ride?

Nickelodeon Theme Park

Where is the SpongeBob theme park?

i don't know if there is a SpongeBob themepark but there is a nickelodean universe at the mall of America in Minneapolis mn

What is Joe jonas's favorite theme park?

its a roller coaster

What is a theme park?

My favorite theme parks! Ok, a theme park is a major place that have entertainment written all over it. With a lot of rides, food, drinks, mini games, and a bunch of people. You can go to your nearest theme park and have a blast.

Which theme park has the Spongebob 4-D ride?

The Adventure Dome theme park as the SpongeBob 4-D ride. You have to be at least 33 inches tall to ride the ride. Those who are at least 33 inches tall, but under 42 inches tall, must ride with an adult.

Which is the best theme park in the world?

It depends. My favorite is Great America (the one in CA)

Has SpongeBob ever appear on South Park?

Yes, Spongebob squarepants has appeared on South Park

Is there a theme park called Theme Park World?

There is a theme park called theme park world but it is near Liverpool about 1 hour away from there stadium

What is better south park or SpongeBob?

For kids under 12 spongebob, for anyone over 12 south park

What is the theme of Thorpe park?

I think thorpe park is a water theme park or an adventure theme park. I am not really sure though.

Is theme park an abstract noun?

No, theme park is an concrete noun. A theme park can be seen and usually heard.

What was Walt Disney's favorite attration at Disney?

people believe it is pirates of the caribbean, but he loved all of them, it was his theme park!

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