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What is Steven Spielberg's height-weight?

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He's 5'7" in height and approx. 198 lbs.

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Steven spielbergs first blockbuster movie?


What steven spielbergs movie was released in 1982?


What is steven spielbergs yacht called?

The Seven Seas

Who is steven spielbergs wife now?

As of 2013, Kate Capshaw is Steven Spielberg's wife.

What country is blackberry phone produced?

Steven Spielbergs stomach

What is the name of steven spielbergs first movie?

Sugarland Express.

What is steven spielbergs address?

Steven Spielberg's address is not public information. Steven Spielberg is a film director who has won many film awards.

How and when did Drew Barrymore become a Hollywood star?

1982- with Steven Spielbergs E.T

Is jessica capshaw on Grey's Anatomy steven spielbergs step daughter?

Yep ;)

Who played the synthetic boy David in Steven Spielbergs A I?

Haley Joel Osmont

How much does steven spielberg make per film?

spielbergs yearly pay is about 5trillion dollars a year

Steven spielbergs favorite food?

McAloon's Chicken Pot Pie is Steven Spielberg's favorite food. His favorite candy is Reese's Pieces. Steven Spielberg has directed many movies including The Color Purple.

What is Steven Spielbergs most famous movie?

There are so many, but the two that pretty much everyone has seen would be Jaws and Jurassic Park.

Why did transformers use rosie huntingtonwhitely?

megan fox was fired after comparing steven spielbergs directing style to hitler. that, and megan was a terrible actress.

Why didnt Megan Fox appeared in the movie transformers of the new movie Dark Of The New Moon?

she was fired after comparing steven spielbergs directing to hitler.

What was Stephen spielbergs first film?

Do you mean STEVEN SPIELBERG? His first ever movie was called "The Last Gun", an 8-minute Western that he made at the age of 12.

Name 5 of Steven Spielbergs films?

Jaws (1975) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Jurassic Park (1993)

Who influenced steven spielbergs achievements?

Many people influenced Steven Spielberg's achievements among them are Sid Sheinberg who discovered Mr. Spielberg, John Williams who has collaborated with Mr. Spielberg on several moves as a music composer, various actors, authors, and screenwriters and others who are behind the scenes.

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