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Summer Internship Program (SIP) is a part of MBA, PGDM course. As per rules every MBA, PGDM student does summer internship of 1-2 months after completion of first year of MBA, PGDM course. During SIP a MBA or PGDM student designs some research tools like questionnaire and does a research work on a topic given by Human resourse department of a company. On the basis of research this information is taken from to read full article visit

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Q: What is Summer training in MBA and PGDM?
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What are the possible Finance topics for MBA summer training in a construction company?

What are the possible Finance topics for MBA summer training in a security guard company

Which one is better, a PGDM in marketing or a PGDM in finance for pursuing an MBA?

Many students falter with the difference between pursuing a Masters of Business Administration or MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM. Qualifications of students graduating from either of the courses are the exact same, what differs, however, is their knowledge on the subject. MBA is more theoretical, aiming to imbibe students with an in-depth knowledge of the subject while a PGDM is more professionally oriented. The course focuses more on practical knowledge, by giving you hands on real life training, making you job ready before you step into the world.Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies (XIDAS), Jabalpur, is one of the leading institutes that provide a world-class curriculum for PGDM in Marketing, and PGDM in Finance. While both the courses differ in their subjects, you will only reap its benefits if you choose the one you have an affinity for. If you are good at making sales, Marketing is the answer, or you are a money man, Finance it is. XIDAS gives you an all-rounded training in their 2 years PGDM courses.

Is association of Indian management associations' aima-pgdm considered as an MBA?

Yes, ofcourse PGDM from AIMA is considered as MBA. Moreover it is AICTE approved, which means you can apply for any Govt. job also where a Post Graduate is required.

Marwadi education foundation's group of institutions at rajkot?

Educational institute for BE,MBA,MCA,PGDM,ME

Full form of PGDM?

Full form of PGDM is 'Post Graduate Diploma in Management'. If you are confused between PGDM & MBA the article on ISMR blog may solve your problem & will give you a clear thought.

Is apex intitute of MBA is affiliated by pune university?

Yes,MBA is affiliated to pune university and recognised by AICTE and PGDM course is AICTE approved .

Which is best website to know gdpi dates of MBA colleges?

There are many websites who gives news of gdpi programs of MBA PGDM colleges in india among these sites is most popular website. Profilers cafe gives city wise MBA, PGDM colleges list these college are approved by AICTE, Delhi.

Is an MBA best or is PGDM?

PGDM expands to Post Graduate Diploma in Management, the confusion starts when you see the term Diploma. Many students are of the view that it is a Diploma course and not a Degree; you are right to an extent that it is a Diploma. The main reason why postgraduate courses are named as PGDM is that when an institute is an autonomous body (meaning it is not affiliated to any University) and conducts management courses then such Institutes cannot offer MBA degree. Even IIMs, XLRI’s doesn’t offer MBA degrees they only give PGP Diploma or PGDM since they are autonomous and independent bodies. On similar lines, AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is allowing approved colleges to run a PGDM course. Some Business Schools offering this AICTE PGDM course need not be autonomous, the PGDM course will be autonomous given by the Institute & directly approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, and Govt of

Which is better pgdm or MBA?

It all depends on how you plan your life. If you plan to study more after pursuing a PG, then I'd suggest that you go for government university MBA aka MMS. However, the syllabus is not always revised and there is a chance that it may not look good on your resume. An PGDM on the other hand, it much better, I feel because it is up to date information that is given in the curriculum. That will give you an added advantage. Just make sure that you pursue your MBA/PGDM from a good Institute like Welingkar otherwise your degree will not make any sense.

You want to know that whether the pgdm course provided by aima new delhi is equivalent to any other MBA degree or pgdm by other b schools?

The PGDM Program has been designed to fulfill this need and to enable potential future managers to succeed in the ever-changing global business environment

What are the possible Marketing topics for MBA summer training?

i want to know marketing topics related to sales in car showrooms?

Which is the top college for a PGDM in finance in Madhya Pradesh?

As per my knowledge pgdm in finance is trending course in india and xidas one of the top pgdm in finance college in madhya pradesh who offering pgdm in marketing, finance, hr and rural management in jabalpur, madhya pradesh, India with highly qualified faculty and and great placement.