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충분히 좋은 = That is good enough

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Q: What is That is good enough in Korean?
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WHAT IS Korean gift of good luck?

A clock is a good luck gift for Korean.

What lanugage do Koreans speak?

Koreans speak Korean. The written alphabet is called hangul

What does ajima mean in korean?

Ajumma in Korean refers to a woman who is old enough to be married.

How do you say good in Korean?

좋은 = good

Where did the Korean war took place?

In Korea, surprsiginly enough.

Can you make some Korean full names?

Here's a good link to help you pick some good Korean names

Good Luck in Korean?

Korean is the official language of both North Korea and South Korea. The phrase "good luck' in Korean is haeng-un-eul bil-eo yo.

Is a Korean Nintendo DS good?

if you can speak Korean language, it is same as the other versions

What is the definition of chosumnida?

Korean for good.

What is the Korean translation of good evening?

A commonly used greeting in Korean is안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo), which can be used to mean "hello", "good morning", "good afternoon" and also "good evening".

What is (good) in Korean language?

The correct pronunciation for "good morning" in the Korean language is "joh-eun ahchim-ipnida". Saying good morning to a person is always a good way to greet them.

How do you say good thankyou in Korean?