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Answer: Literally, renaissance means a "rebirth", or "revival". It is a time period when interest in art, literature, education, and other similar subjects, along with interest in Ancient Greece and Rome, was reborn.

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Who gave the Renaissance its name?

The Europeans - renaissance meaning "rebirth"

French word meaning Rebirth?


How was the Renaissance a time of rebirth in Europe?

The term "renaissance" itself, is French for "rebirth." The renaissance was a time of rebirth of ideas, and it saw a remarkable resurgence of learning and knowledge throughout Europe. The etymology of the term "renaissance" is as follows: It stems from "re-", meaning "again," and "nascere," meaning "be born." So, the term Renaissance means to " be born again".

The French word meaning rebirth?

rebirth in french is renaissance.

The meaning of intellectualism during the Renaissance?

Devotion to intellectual pursuits

Is the literal meaning of Renaissance rewarding?

No - it means rebirth or renewal.

How did the Renaissance started?

The Renaissance started when Europe began to change after the crusades. Trade increased greatly in towns began to grow. The change was the background for the Renaissance, which began in Italy, in about 1350. Renaissance is the French word meaning "rebirth."

What is allegory and how was it used in renaissance art?

An allegory is an extended metaphor, or a story with two meaning. One meaning is literal and the other meaning is symbolic. So then, in renaissance art work, a painting of a violin is not simply a painting of a violin, it would have symbolic meaning to the artist that painted the violin.

Why was the Renaissance era called the age of rebirth?

Because someone bothered to translate "renaissance" into English. "Rebirth" is the literal meaning of the word.

What is the literal meaning of the word Renaissanc?

The word renaissance means rebirth.

The period in time meaning rebirth that helped prepare for the reformation is known as?

The Renaissance

What was Michelangelo's histrocial period?

The historical period of Michelangelo was 'the renaissance', meaning 'rebirth'

The period of time meaning rebirth that helped prepare for the Reformation is known as the?


What is an other word for renaissance?

renewal is the transliteration of the word. New beginning is the meaning.

What is the meaning of Fibonacci?

Fibonacci was a Renaissance mathematician who was revered as "the best mathematician of the middle ages.

What is a french word meaning rebirth?

The French word "renaissance" translates as "rebirth" in English.

Which art movement imitated the art of ancient Greece and rome?

They are called the "Renaissance" from French Renaissance, meaning "rebirth". This movement was spanned roughly from the 14th to the 17th century.

How did the time period Renaissance come about?

The Renaissance came after the black death in Medieval Europe. This was the time when people looked back to the Ancient Romans. Renaissance meaning ''rebirth'', was the reborn of the Roman Empire and lasted from about 1350-1550 A.D.The Renaissance started in Italy since it was in the middle of the Roman Empire and Italy had Urban societies. This time period was secular meaning ''not religious'' and people wanted to make the World better. In conclusion, The Renaissance was a peaceful time period since it lived by the Ancient Romans past. The Renaissance was the rebirth of the Roman Empire and the interest in art and learning. Hope this answers the question!

Why was Europe renamed the renaissance period?

Renaissance means rebirth in learning and knowledge. Europe was renamed the renaissance Period because the Europeans took new interest in writing, art, science, and ideas of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Basically they had rebirth in learning and knowledge and that's the same definition or meaning of Renaissance Period.

What was Europe's rediscovery of the ancient Greek and Romans called?

It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.

What is root word of renaissance?

the root words are (re) which means back or again and naissance meaning birth

Did the rinaissance era occur after the medieval period?

Hence the word renaissance meaning rebirth, u do the math

What term meaning rebirth refers to the great revival of art and learning in Europe beginning in the 1300s?


What has the author J McClennen written?

J. McClennen has written: 'On the meaning and function of allegory in the English renaissance'

What has the author Joshua McClennen written?

Joshua McClennen has written: 'The meaning and function of allegory in the English Renaissance'