What is The Merchant of Venice about?

As anyone who has read Shakespeare knows, there are many subplots and so these need to be studied to be understood. The main plot is about a man called Antonio. He is very good friends with a man called Bassanio. Bassanio needs three thousand ducats (currency) to travel to Belmont and claim the love of Portia, an esteemed character and the heart throb of many men. To borrow this money, they go to a man called Shylock, who offers them the money at a cost of one pound of Antonio's flesh if it isn't repaid in three months. Bassanio claims the love of Portia, but the money isn't paid in the three months, due to complications. Antonio is taken to court. Just before the flesh is taken, Portia, dressed as a male lawyer, manages to find a loophole. He can take the pound of flesh but by law of Venice he mustn't draw blood. In the end Shylock has lost all his money and Bassanio has claimed Portia's love, and Antonio still has his pound of flesh.