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The difference between a red blood cell and a leaf is that a leaf contains chlorophyll to make it green instead of haemoglobin that makes a red blood cell red. A leaf has many chloroplasts when a red blood cell does not but a red blood cell has a dimple. Both have a cell membrane but only a leaf has a cell wall. Hope this helps you.

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Q: What is The difference between leaf cells and red blood cells?
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How are leaf cells and blood cells alike?

Leaf cells and blood cells are alike because they both are living organisums, that were prodced by a living thing.

How can you tell the difference between a root cell and a leaf cell?

Root cells are typically specialized for absorption of water and nutrients from the soil, with elongated shapes and root hairs. Leaf cells, on the other hand, are specialized for photosynthesis and have a more flattened shape to maximize sunlight exposure. Stomata are also present in leaf cells for gas exchange, while they are absent in root cells.

What are the difference between alternate leaf and simple leaf?

the difference between a alternate and simple leaf is that the simple leaf has no patterns on its leaf and the alternate leaf has pattern

What is the difference between a hibiscus leaf and a grass leaf?

Hibiscus leaves are typically larger, with a different shape and texture compared to grass leaves. Hibiscus leaves are usually broad, glossy, and often lobed or divided, while grass leaves are narrower, linear, and have parallel veins. Additionally, hibiscus leaves tend to be more colorful and ornamental compared to the simple green grass leaves.

What is the difference in root hair cells and leaf cells?

root hair cells dont have chloroplasts

How can you tell the difference between a leaf and a leaflet?

Leaf is part of a plant. Leaflet is part of a compound leaf.

What is the difference between a 3 leaf clover and a 3 leaf clover?


What is the difference between leaf and leave?

"Leaf" is singular - one leaf. "Leaves" is plural - more than one leaf.

What is the difference between a papaya's leaf and rambutan leaf?

the papaya leaf have a entire edge while the rambutan leaf have a jagged edge

What are some cells?

Leaf cells root hair cells sperm cellsed red blood cells white blood cells skin cells egg sells neurve cells (this can be updated but your username will be save to my log and if any fake cells are added you will be report)

What is the difference between a banana leaf and a guava leaf?

The same difference between a fruit fly and a beetle. If you're looking for more detail, I suggest you refer to your textbook. There are several differences in the structures, i.e. vein patterns and sizes but they both appear to be C3 plants with the normal assortment of stoma, mesophyll cells, and cuticles.

Does a leaf have cells?

Yes, a leaf has cells. They have A LOT of cells