Tiger Woods

What is Tiger Woods ranking in golf now?

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Tiger Woods is actually getting worse at golf...He has a lot of stress right now and a family. He also has several injurys

Steve Williams was his caddie , now it's Joe LaCava

The top 5 players in Golf right now are Tiger Woods, Brant Snedeker, Adam Scott, Kevin Streelman, and Matt Kuchar. Tiger Woods has always been a lead since he made his debut.

Tiger Woods earned his first pro-golf paycheck at the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996, for around 2500.00 I believe. Now he is averaging closer to 2500 a stroke.

Yes, he spent most of the 2008 season out after knee surgery, but now he is back.

Tiger Woods lives in Windermere Florida, outside of Orlando.

In 2009 he became the world's first billionaire sportsperson. He has probably made a good bit over that now.

he supposedly cheated on his wife and she has now left him !

Yes he is now divoreced from Elin.

recovering from a knee surgery

yes he did in his childhood, mabye not now...

When this question was answered he was at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio.

tiger woods did make about $4 a second before he cheated. now he probaly makes 2 to 3 dollars a second.

In the past Tiger Woods made over $900 million from his endorsements which included AT & T and Nike but he does not currently have any endorsements.

Tiger woods used to have a good hit his Nike driver he used to hit about 350 yards but now he only hits about 280 maybe not even that

He was born in Cypress, California. But now lives in Jupiter, Florida.

He went though a lot. a LOT.

now listen tiger woods a famous PGA player makes millions of dollars a game and is married to a supermodel. or you never know until you try. last but not least my way or the highway.

By now you should all know she does'nt, but in her heart Elin can't bear to leave Tiger.

YES!! its called tiger text named after tiger woods i think. now go be pervs

Jack Nicklaus currently holds the most major golf titles at 18, he won his first in 1962 and his last in 1986 but he is now retired. However the active golfer with the most majors is Tiger Woods, now on 14.

Forbes estimates he will be the first Billionaire sportsman by 2010.

She was originally Swedish, but she might be a naturalised US citizen by now.

Rudy Duran was his first coach, then Butch Harmon and now Hank Haney.

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