What is Tony Hawk's net worth?

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Tony Hawk is worth an estimated 180 million as of April 2008.
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Is there a code for infinite grinding in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland?

Answer: (1)Go to the Main Menu (2) Go to Options (3) Go to Cheat Codes (4) Type in GrindXpert (5) Now go into story mode or free skate and select game options and select cheats and turn on Perfect Grind. Other Codes: the_condor (unlocks Mat Hoffman) sirus-DJ (unlocks Jason Ellies ( Full Answer )

What is Tony Hawk's official fan email address?

Taken directly from Tony's Official Website "for Fan Club and general emails to Tony." information@tonyhawk.com WikiAnswers will not provide personal contact information for celebrities and noncelebrities alike.

How do you grind on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4?

Pro Skater 4 . You can look at a complete FAQ for this game including how to grind at:. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/563086/21056. On the PlayStation 2 version, you have to get in the air by jumping (x button) and then press the triangle button. Once grinding, you will have to balan ( Full Answer )

Are Tony Hawk's kids competing yet?

Answer . yes on the episode of cribs on MTV you can see riley's skate trophys already and that was years ago, only knows what he is doing NOW

What is Tony Hawk's fan mail address?

According to http://www.fanmail.biz/2348.html, fan mail to Tony Hawk can be sent to the address below.. Tony Hawk 900 Films, Inc. 1203 Activity Drive Vista, CA 92081.

What is Tony Hawk's official fan phone number?

The personal cell phone and home phone numbers of celebrities,singers, bands, actors, and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns.

What is Tony Hawk's real name?

That information is'nt given out in public because of privacy and safety he has also been known as Mike Mcgill when he started the club birdhouse!

Who is tony hawk's wife?

Tony Hawk's first wife was Cindy Dunbar and his second wife was called Erin Lee. .

How old are Tony Hawk's children?

Tony Hawk has four kids, Riley who was born in 1992, Spencer (1999), Keegan (2001),and Kadence (2008)

What is the tony yayo's net worth?

Tony Yayo, the American rapper, has an estimated net worth ofapproximately $6 million. He was born Marvin Bernard in SouthJamaica, Queens, New York.

Tony Hawk's wife?

Tony Hawk is currently married to Lhotse Merriam. They were married on January 12, 2006 and have 1 child. Lhotse is Tony's 3rd wife.

What is a Revert in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4?

It's a special move. Here is the information which faq gives: "To make a skater revert when landing back down on to . A ramp, press the R2 or L2 button right as you hit the ramp Surface from coming out of and aerial maneuver."

How do you buy decks in tony hawk's project 8?

First you have to get out of suburbia by doing that Beaver Mascot GOAL which will open the gate and you will met a guy named Jason lee he will sponcer after you do what he wants you to and then you go to his skate shop first do a couple of combos around people to get stokens each board is 25 stokens ( Full Answer )

How do you beat tony hawk's proving ground?

you must choose a career path for your skater. You can choose hardcore, rigger, or career. career missions are green, hardcore orange, and rigger purple

How do you get in the haunted house in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3?

You help the "thin man" by going to the construction thingy grind the 2nd rail and grab the axe then give it to him then you'll see he'll break down the barricade go into It then up the quarter pipe gap the wall then to up the ramp on the side of the house and break the window by riding into it

What are some good cheats for Tony Hawk's Underground?

At the main menu, go to options. Then, go to cheat codes. Enterthe code keepitup. Then go to story mode, and press START. Go tooptions, and then go to cheats. It will say MOON GRAVITY. Turn iton, and you will have moon gravity. Also, enter let it slide forperfect rail balance.

What are all the songs in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland?

SOUNDTRACKS both in the Tony Hawk's American Wasteland game, and chosen for the Tony Hawk's American Wasteland CD: . My Chemical Romance - "Astro Zombies" . Fall Out Boy - "Start Today" . Taking Back Sunday - "Suburban Home / I Like Food" . Thrice - "Seeing Red / Screaming at a Wall" . Alkalin ( Full Answer )

Where do i download tony hawk's American wasteland?

If you look it up on Google Im sure you'll find something. But here is probably the best link I found I swear by this link http://www.torrentz.com/c43aa447367120362630946ed54a1bf11d202333 Good luck with that .

How do you get the cheats menu on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4?

go onto the main menu and go onto the options.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. then go onto cheats.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. here ( Full Answer )

Who was Tony Hawk's second wife?

First it was Cindy Dunbar in 1990 -1993 Then it was Erin Lee in 1996-2004 Now his wife is Lhotse Merriam, well, Lhotse HAWK. .

Cheats for tony hawk's pro 2?

Unlock All Pause during a game, then hold [Numpad 7] and press Spacebar (x3), c, v, Up, Left, Up, c, v, Spacebar, v, b, Spacebar, v, b to unlock all levels, cash, and special characters including Spiderman, Offer Dick, and 80's Tony. submitted by ADAM Unlock 90% of the Game Pause during ( Full Answer )

What is tony hawk's skateboard set up?

i think he rides a 8.0 birdhouse, independent 139 with some Bones wheels maybe spf 54 mm. kinda small board for his giant foot, in my opinion.

Is tony hawk's project 8 on ds?

It's Only for P.S.P. dude Here are All the skateboarding games for DS Tony Hawk's American Sk8land Tony Hawk's Downhilljam (bigger than sk8land! o_o) Tony Hawk's Proving ground (messy graphics dude) Tony Hawk Motion ( Motion pak needed) and skate it (the best skateboarding game on DS..with tou ( Full Answer )

What is tony hawk's training schedule?

" It's mostly just skating. I also like to surf,which is more of an upper body exercise, but beyond that I don't doany training. Skating definitely keeps you fit - you don't see manyoverweight

What is the name of Tony Hawk's signature tirck?

Tony Hawk does not necessarily have a signature trick. He has invented and named a lot of tricks over the years, and they have had names that represent his and his friends interests at the time. For instance, in the early 1980's, when Madonna was first popular, Tony named a one-footed lien-to-tail a ( Full Answer )

How many of tony hawk's kids skate?

All of Tony's kids skate to some extent. There is a skatepark in his backyard and the kids use it for skateboarding as well as for other fun stuff that kids like to do, like playing tag, catch, etc. Riley, his oldest son, is quite an accomplished skateboarder, though, and is on his way to being a pr ( Full Answer )

When was the game Tony Hawk's Underground 2 released?

The game Tony Hawk's Underground 2 also known as THUG 2 was released on the 4th of October 2004. The game was released for Play Station2, Xbox, GameCube, Gameboy Advance, Microsoft Windows platforms.