What is Transactionary Demand?

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Transaction demand is the money needed by a person or company for their needs. It can tract the demands of an economy, with high demand as indicator for good economy.

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Q: What is Transactionary Demand?
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What are the three motives for holding money according to Keynes's theory of money demand?

1.for transactionary motive 2.for precautionary motive 3.for speculative motive.

Different states of demand?

Negative demand No demand Latent demand Declining demand Irregular demand Full demand Overfull demand Unwholesome demand

How do you explain What are the types of demand?

Negative demand nonexistent demand latent demand declining demand Irregular demand full demand overfull demand unwholesome demand

What is the demand of calcite?

The demand is not that well, but it still has a demand, and that demand is 1.

Demand and its types?

Perfectly inelastic demand, perfectly elastic demand, elastic demand, inelastic demand etc.

What are the 4 characteristics of business demand?

the 4 characteristics of business demand are derived demand, fluctuating demand, stimulating demand and finally demand elasticity!

What are the kinds of demand?

There are three kinds of demand. 1. price demand 2. Income demand 3. cross demand.

Different degrees of elasticity of demand?

Perfectly elastic demand. Relative elastic demand. Unit elasticity of demand. Relative inelastic demand. Perfectly inelastic demand.

What is variable demand stochastic demand deterministic demand?

stochastic demand is random demand. it is determined by predictable actions and a random element.

Why industrial demand is called derived demand?

because the demand comes from end user

What is is a shift of the demand curve to the right (an increase in demand) or to the left (a decrease in demand).?

Change in demand.

Will a cashier be in high demand or low demand?

it will be in high demand

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