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What is Uranus' temperature?



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The temperature would vary depending on where in the atmosphere you measured it.

The upper atmosphere of Uranus is the coldest in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of 49 K. It has a complex cloud structure with water clouds presumably being the deepest and methane clouds at the top.

  • The minimum temperature is -224 °C (-371 °F, 49 K).
  • At the pressure level equal to Earth's at sea-level (1000 millibars), it is -197 °C (-322 °F, 76 K).
  • Uranus' water-ammonia "ocean" is extremely hot, up to 6650 °C / 12,000 °F near the rocky core (which cannot be directly observed).
The temperature on Uranus is usually very cold, but in the oceans of Uranus it is very hot reaching 8000 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature ever recorded is -224. It is usually around -120

-355 degrees, it rises fast and can also reach 4200 degrees in the ocean and can become 12600 degrees at the core

The temperature of the atmosphere in Uranus is about -355 degrees F (-215 degrees C). In the interior, the temperature rises rapidly, reaching perhaps 4200 degrees F (2300 degrees C) in the ocean and 12,600 degrees F (7000 degrees C) in the rocky core.

Uranus' temperature is -98 Degree Celsius.
The "surface" of Uranus is hard to define, but these are the sorts of temperatures:

Highest, about -216 degrees Celsius.

Lowest, about -224 degrees Celsius.

There's not much difference, as you can see.
There's very little variation in the surface temperature. The average is usually

given as about minus 215 degrees Celsius.