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Victoria Shanghai academy

it is a school in Hong Kong (a good school)

it is a school in hong kong and it is a hong kong international school. A very good school.

it is a perfect school and it is a IB school, international school in hk.

As I am a VSA student, I should know.

VSA doesnt have primary 6.It only has 5 grades of primary,making it very unfair in competitons as p5s have to fill in the space of P6.

I go to VSA but I hate it,as we have a headmistress ( don't tell her) that calls people idiots-people is us students!

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Q: What is VSA?
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Does 2010 civic have vsa?

VSA vehicle stability control

What is VSA on mean in Honda Accord 2009?

VSA = Vehicle Stability Assist

What does it mean if your VSA light is on in your Acura TSX?

What does it mean when your vsa light is on Acura txs

How do you know when the VSA is on or off for the Honda 2009 crv?

How do you know when the VSA is on for the 2009 Honda CRV

How do you turn off my vsa light in acura tl?

The light is on because you have disabled the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Push the VSA button to turn the system back on and the light will go out.

How do you reactivate the Acura TL's VSA - Vehicle Stability Assist?

CHANGE coils and vsa came on

How do you tell if the vsa is on?

It dosent

2003 Acura Tl type s Check engine light and vsa light?

vsa light on yes

What is the phone number of the Vsa Of Michigan in Detroit Michigan?

The phone number of the Vsa Of Michigan is: 313-832-3303.

What does a VSA warning light means on Honda accord?

The VSA warning light on the Honda accord means, Vehicle Stability Assistance. It comes in if it senses your vehicle is not quite as stable as it should be. The VSA adjusts traction.

What is VSA in volleyball?

VSA in volleyball is a team. Volleyball of South Africa,or Volleyball of South Australia.That's as far as I have known...

Why is corrosion a problem?

vsa j/

What is vsa on a Honda CR-V?

VSA = Vehicle Stability Assist. It's vehicle stability control and traction control.

What is the VSA on a Honda 2007 CR-V?

VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assist which is commonly called Traction Control.

Where is the Vsa Of Michigan in Detroit Michigan located?

The address of the Vsa Of Michigan is: 100 W Alexandrine St, Detroit, MI 48201

What does VSA stand for on the Honda jazz?

VehicleStability Assist (VSA) System

What is a vsa light in an Acura TL?

VSA stands for "Vehicle Stability Assist." An onboard computer monitors various stability factors. If it detects an event such as the beginning of a skid, the computer instantly responds by controlling the engine rpm and the brakes to correct the condition. The VSA system can be overridden by depressing a button on the dash causing the VSA icon to remain lit indicating the system is not active.

Is Honda safe to drive if vsa WARNING light on?


What is VSA on a Honda Fit?

Vehicle stability assist

What is vsa on a 2013 Honda pilot do?

VSA is the Vehicle Stability Assist. If you car starts to slip the power will be decreased and the anti-lock brakes will work together to stop the slide.

What is the dashboard light with an exclamation mark on a Honda CRV?

The dashboard light with an exclamation mark Honda CR-V (2007-) can mean 2 things:1. If the exclamation mark is "in a triangle" it is "VSA activation indicator" and it comes on, when the VSA is turned OFF by using the VSA OFF switch, or the VSA function is lost.2. If the exclamation mark is in a semi-circle it is "The low pressure indicator" and means you have to inflate your tires to a recommended pressure.

What does the medical abbreviation VSA mean?

Vital Signs Absent

What does vsa mean on Honda 2008?

Vehicle Stability Assistance

What does VSA stand for?

VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assist. It is the electronic stability control from Honda. To gain control in a slide, it activates the antilock brakes and cuts down the engine power.

What is it mean when the VSA light come's on in your 2007 Honda Accord?

The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) light will come on briefly when the system is activated. It will also come on and stay on if you turn the system off by pushing the VSA button. If the light comes on and stays on and the VSA button has not been pushed, then stop and turn the engine off. Restart the engine to reset the system, and if the light continues to stay on take the vehicle to you local Honda dealer for repair as something is wrong.