What is Vanessa in Spanish?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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basically it is just vanessa with a spanish accent.

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Q: What is Vanessa in Spanish?
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Do vanessa hudgen speak spanish?


Is Vanessa Hudges spanish?


Does Vanessa Hudgens know spanish?

However no she does not know how to speak spanish but she know a couple of words like hola and stuff like that

What languages can Vanessa hudguns speak?

Vanessa Hudgens can speak English and some Spanish, as she has stated in interviews and demonstrated in some of her work.

Who is Vanessa Romero?

Vanessa Romero is a Spanish TV presenter. Please see the related link below.

Is Vanessa Anne Hudgens Spanish?

a little no not really

What kind of Spanish is Vanessa Anne's mom?

Her mother is filipino, spanish and Chinese desendant

Vanessa Hudgens talk spanish?

Yes! She said that on Tyra

From where is Vanessa Hudgens mother?

america.but she is fillipinnio ,chinese and spanish

Is vanessa hugdens spanish?

no she isn't spanish. she is filipino, Chinese, latina from her mother and Irish and native American from her father.

What nationality is Vanessa Ann Hugens?

from her mom, she is spanish, Chinese, and . from her dad, she is Irish

Is Vanessa Hugends dad was a Filipino?

Vanessa's dad is not Filipino. Her dad is of Irish and Native American descent and her mother is of Chinese-Filipino-Spanish descent.