What is Vouching?

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vouching means examination of documentary evidence to ascertain the accuracy and authencity of transactions recorded in the books of accounts.

Vouching is:


  1. To give personal assurances; give a guarantee: vouch for an old friend's trustworthiness.
  2. To constitute supporting evidence; give substantiation: a candidate whose strong record vouches for her ability.

  1. To substantiate by supplying evidence; prove: charges that he could not vouch.
  2. Law. To summon as a witness to give warranty of title.
  3. To refer to (an authority, for example) in support or corroboration; cite.
  4. To assert; declare
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Q: What is Vouching?
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What do you mean by vouching?

Vouching has several different meanings depending on how you are using the word. The main definition of vouching is to confirm something is true.

What is the importance of vouching?

vouching is the backbone of the audting because with the help of vouching all errors and frauds can be detected so that is very useful in this sense

What are the objectives of vouching?

The objectives of vouching is to ensure that there is evidence to support every entry. This is common in an auditing process.

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What is Vouching and its objectives?

Normally, entries in the books of accounts are made on the basis of documentary evidence such as bills, receipt, cheque, pay-in-slip and so on. such documentary evidence is called as voucher. The act of examining such vouchers is known as vouching.

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Here are a few. Agreeing, confirming, consistent, reconcilable, vouching, and concurring.

How do you do vouching?

The auditor should vouch the premisis received by reffering to counterfoils of the receipt book,copies of the insurance policy and premium register.

Selecting a sample of cost accounting analyzes of payroll and vouching it to time records is a procedure designed to test the control assertion of?

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