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What is a 'consultant'?

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Here is a definition that I recently created for a Search Engine Optimized financial glossary: A consultant is an individual or firm that offers expert advice or provides a professional service in exchange for a fee or commission. Normally, a consultant is not an employee of a contracting company, rather a consultant works as an independent party. A consultant is usually very skilled, having vast training in and knowledge of a particular field. Often a consultant will provide services for a specified period of time or on a project basis. A consultant may be one of the following types: a computer consultant, an accounting consultant, a communications consultant, a marketing consultant, a finance consultant, among others. A consultant that works with an organization to develop a new strategy or methodology, or a consultant engaged solely to help a company solve a problem is often referred to as a facilitator.

2006-08-19 12:48:52
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Q: What is a 'consultant'?
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Whether a consultant can fire an employee depends on the relationship the employer establishes with the consultant. If you have been fired by a consultant, then you should consult your employer to determine your next course of action.

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Consultant Orthodontists Group was created in 1964.

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A consultant is also known as a contractor, who advises others on their expertise. A technical consultant would advise others on technical issues.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'consultant'?

In Irish it would be:comhairleoir = adviser, counsellor; councilloralso lia comhairleach/dochtúir comhairleach (medical consultant)

Anyone know how to become a consultant?

There are many steps in the process of becoming a consultant. To start, you should obtain a college degree with a major preparing you to become a consultant.

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A consultant facilitates interpersonal communications between members of a given profession.