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Q: What is a 11 letter word for a person on the radio or tv that describes the game as it is happening?
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What is Radio Commentary?

Radio listeners are unable to see what is happening (unlike TV) at any event (horse-racing, football, to give just two examples). So they have to rely on a commentator to tell them what is happening.

Why did he invented the radio?

To warn people when emrgencies were happening and too entertain with music

Why radio is a good use of information?

radio is a good information, because it gives new updates to people, and to know what is happening in the world.

Where is radio station 1420 WACK based?

1420 WACK radio station is based in New York. This is a talk show radio station. They talk about what is happening in the world and how they can be fixed.

What is the international radio code for the letter t?

Tango is the international radio code word for the letter T.

Who uses a radio?

the person next to uses the radio to listen to it

When is the exact date of the invention of the radio?

because to know what is happening in the world.

Why should yu not keep a radio near a person bathing?

the radio could fall in and the person could be electrocuted

How do you get the radio card from Lavender Town?

u get it from the person in the radio-tower

Who describes a basketball game?

Basketball commentators describe the basketball games on television or radio.

How do you get the pokeflute gear radio station?

A person can get the Pokeflute Gear radio station by visiting the town of Kanto. A person will be required to awaken Snorlax by playing a song from this radio.

How do you get the radio to move Snorlax?

Lavander towns' radio station. There is a person in there that will give you the radio expansion card