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I am not sure. Have had it myself in plastic appx 25 yrs. Would like answers. Brenda at I have other bill from Georgia 100 $, Louisiana 1oo $, Florida 100 $, Arkansas treasury warrant 1 $, Alabama 100 $, confederate of America 500 $ , state of Florida 1 $, Mississippi 100 $, North Carolina 3 $, bank of Chattanooga 2 $, the cotton planters loan association5 $ of the fifth congressional district of South Carolina, the republic of TeXes 5 $ and Virginia treasury note 100 $. I also have the map of the civil mar battlefield's dated 1861-1864 all these appear to be copy right 1961. All are on parchment paper and are in perfect condition. HELP me find their worth. BRENDA. m o o n r n r 1 @ y a h o o . c o m

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Q: What is a 1841 republic of texas 5 dollar bill with nothing on the back worth?
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