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You are asking about a 2 öre coin from Sweden (KM#796). There were 3,807,350 of these coins produced in 1907. They are bronze, measure 21 mm in diameter, and bear a crowned shield representing King Oscar II on the front, with the date, denomination and three crowns (symbol of Sweden) on the back. According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, an example in Fine condition is worth US$0.30, an example in Very Fine condition is worth US$0.60, an example in Extremely Fine condition is worth US$2.50, and an example in Uncirculated condition is worth US$15.00.

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Q: What is a 1907 2 ore sveriges val coin worth?
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How much is Gustaf VI Adolf Sveriges Konung coin 1962 worth?

What is a 1907 1 ore sveriges val coin worth?

This coin, produced in 1907 with a denomination of 1 öre, is from Sweden. The crowned shield on the obverse refers to the reigning monarch at the time, King Oscar the Second. The coin, made of bronze and with a mintage of 8,250,500, is worth US$0.20 in Fine condition, US$0.50 in Very Fine condition, US$2.00 in Extremely Fine condition, and US$12.50 in Uncirculated condition.

What is the value of a 1982 carl xvi gustaf sverige coin?

0.12 USD I found this coin in my car a while ago and would like to know a little about it. where did it come from, how did it get here and how much is it worth?

How much is a 1964 1 ore coin worth?


How much is a swedish 50 ore coin worth in the usa?

About 7¢

How much is a 1998 25 ore coin worth?

You didn't state what country the coin is from, but an ore is 1/100 of a crown in the Scandinavian countries. However, regardless of which country, the value of their crowns is far less than $1 so a modern 25-ore coin is only worth somewhere between a nickel and a dime depending on where it came from.

How much is a svridge 50 ore coin worth?

0 kronor. It is no longer in use.

What is a 50 1978 sverige ore coin worth?

About 7 Cents.

How much is a 10 ore norge worth?

1 Ore Is worth about $0.0014 so 10 Ore is worth approximately $0.014, Also Norge has nothing to do with the value of the coin it refers to location ,Norge is the Norwegian (bokmal) , Danish and Swedish name for Norway

How much is a 1944 50 ore Norweigian coin worth?

between 45- 200 US $$

Where is a sverige 50 ore coin from?

What you have is a Swedish 50 ore coin. One Swedish krona is 100 ore, but all ore coins have since been discontinued and demonetized. Based on current exchange rates (April 2018), it would be worth six cents in US dollars.

How much is the 1999 Sweden 50 ORE coin worth?

We are no longer using that coin. At this point it's worth 0 kronor.