What is a 1965 Canadian silver dime worth?

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It current silver prices 1.19 USD. However it will be difficult to determine an exact collectors price without seeing the coin itself.
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How much is a silver dime worth?

Not enough information. Please post a new question with the coin's date and mint mark (if it has one). .

What is the value of a 1965 silver US dime?

Answer $9,000 to $20,000 at auction, IF it's a true silver error.ANACS has validated the existence of a few 1965 and 1966 dimesstruck on leftover silver blanks, similar to the way a few 1943cents were struck on bronze planchets. Check the edge of your coin. It should show the same copper core asall ( Full Answer )

Why is a 1965 silver dime worth a lot of money?

There are unconfirmed reports of a few 1965 dimes that were struckon leftover silver blanks, similar to the way some 1943 cents werestruck on bronze blanks.. IF one exists, it would bevaluable because it would have been struck in a metal that had notbeen used in dimes for well over a year. When t ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your 1965 dime is silver?

1965 US dimes do not contain any silver. All circulation dimes andquarters from 1965 on, and halves from 1971 on, are struck on aso-called "sandwich" metal consisting of an inner core of purecopper and two outer layers of cupronickel alloy. If you can seethe copper core on the edge of your coin (lik ( Full Answer )

What is a silver dime 1946 worth?

I recently purchased a 1946 Roosevelt dime on eBay for about $4, plus shipping and handling of about $2.50. It was a beautiful coin, with little or no wear. It may or may not have been in circulation, but if it was in circulation, it was not for long. If the coin had been showing a lot of wear and t ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to find a 1965 silver dime?

There are no reports of 1965 dimes being struck on old silver blanks used in 1964 and earlier. All dimes dated 1965 and later are made of copper and nickel. Any dime made in 1965 that appears to be silver is almost certainly plated, maybe for use in jewelry or as a novelty item. In any case a gen ( Full Answer )

What is a silver dime worth?

It is worth about 2 dollars for the silver content. However, depending on the date, mintmark, and condition it will be worth more.

How much is silver dimes worth?

They have a minimum value of $2.35 for there silver content. Without a date is impossible to tell the exact value. Ask a new question but structure it like this to get the best available answer: "What is the value of a ?".

What is a 1965 silver dime worth?

No such coin exists. 1964 was the last year for silver dimes, and silver proof sets wouldn't be issued until 1992. If you look at the edge of your coin you should see a copper line running through it. This is because the coin is copper-nickel, a silver coin does not have this line because it is not ( Full Answer )

1941 silver dime worth?

The 1941 Mercury dime is very common, most are valued at $2.00 just for the silver.

What is a 1965 Canadian silver dollar worth?

Country-----Denomination -----Ruler/Type-----Period----------Size Canada-----1 Dollar--------------Elizabeth II---1953-Now------26.72mm-36.06mm Weight----------------------Composition-------------------------------------------------Edge 7.0-23.3g (1952-67)-----.8000 Silver with Copper, (1968 ( Full Answer )

How much is a 1942 Canadian dime worth?

How much a 1942 Canadian dime is worth depends on its condition.You can expect to fetch between 3.20 US dollars and 24 US dollarsfor such a coin.

How much is a Canadian 1968 dime worth?

There were two types of dimes minted in 1968. One version is 50%silver and is currently worth 75 cents. The other version is 100%nickel and is worth 10 cents. The easiest way to tell the two apartis that the nickel version is magnetic, and the silver is not.

What is a 1939 silver dime worth?

A circulated 1939 US dime is worth about $2.70. An uncirculated US1939 dime is worth between $9.00 and $20.00.

What 1950 to 1965 dimes are worth the most?

At this point the price of silver is so high that nearly all 1964 and earlier Roosevelt dimes are worth more as scrap metal than as collectibles - about $1.50 each. The only exception is a 1949-S, which retails for $1.75 to $3 depending on condition.

How much silver is in a 1965 dime?

If you're referring to a 1965 American dime, none. All 1965 and later US dimes and quarters, and 1971 and laterhalves, are made of a 3-layer "sandwich" containing only copper andnickel. They don't contain any silver, so they don't have any extravalue unless you have an uncirculated or proof coin in ( Full Answer )

What is a 1929 silver dime worth?

More information is needed. Mint Mark and condition, if known, are important factors in determining a coins value. A 1929 Dime can be worth from $2.32 up to as much as $28.00 dependent on the factors listed above.

1943 silver dime worth?

6-23-11>>> 1943 is not a rare date for Mercury dimes, most are valued only for the silver, about $2.00

What is the value of a 1965 silver dime?

There is no such thing (well, there are a few records of '65 dimes being struck on silver planchets) the last silver dime was dated 1964, all 1965 dimes are copper-nickel.

1911 silver dime worth?

Assuming it's circulated and has no mintmark, the 1911 US Barber dime is a common coin. A coin in average condition is $3.00-$5.00.

What is Silver content in 1919 Canadian Dime?

2000-present 1.75 g 18.03 mm 92.0% steel, 5.5% copper, 2.5% nickel plating 1979-1999 2.075 g 18.03 mm 99.9% nickel 1969-1978 2.07 g 18.03 mm 99.9% nickel 1968 2.07 g. 2.33 g. 18.03 mm. 18.034 mm. 99.9% nickel (172.5M). 50% silver, 50% copper (70.4M). 1967 2.33 g 18.034 mm 50% silver, 50% coppe ( Full Answer )

What is a 1920s silver dime worth?

Not enough detail. Please post a new question with the coin's exact date, and whether there is a small S or D on the back between the word ONE and the upright bundle of reeds.

What is a 1938 silver dime worth?

Is it a US dime? If yes, then it is worth at least 2 or 3 dollars, if it is worn. If it is uncirculated, then up to 10 or 12 dollars.

Is there any silver in 1965 US dime?

All circulation-strike 1965 dimes were made with the familiarcopper-nickel "sandwich" that's still used today. A very small number of 1965 dimes were accidentally struck onsilver blanks left over from 1964, but these are extremely unlikely to turn up in change.

1963 silver dime worth?

About $2.20ish in silver scrap. They are common and only worth silver scrap regardless of condition.

How much is a 1954 Canadian dime worth?

I just got a paper in the mail last month stating that the 1954 Dime is on average worth up to $110... now I don`t know if it`s the same in all places but I live in windsor ontario and they had a list of what all coins were of average worth. I hope this helped.

Does Canadian dime contain silver?

None minted for circulation since 1968. Later proof coins and some commemorative issues have been made in .8 silver.

What is the worth of a 1911 silver dime?

July 13, 2009. The 1911 Barber dime was minted at 3 mint facilities, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. The mintmark is located on the reverse [tails] side of the coin under the wreath. The letter "D" indicates the Denver mint. The letter "S" indicates the San Francisco mint. If there is no le ( Full Answer )

What is the worth of a 1952 silver dime?

Uncirculated coins have retail values of $2.25-$2.50 and circulated coins in EF-40 to AU-50 at $1.60-$1.75 coins below the grade of EF-40 are bullion value which as of today is $1.25

Are silver dimes worth anything?

Yes. All silver dimes are worth at least $2.50 for their silver content. This value will change as the value of silver changes.

How much a a Canadian dime worth in the US?

Assuming it has a recent date (within the last 20 or 30 years) it's a common circulation coin with no collector value. Its value in the US will change with the exchange rate between the 2 countries. As of late 2009 the 2 currencies are almost equal so it's effectively 10 cents in either country.

Is a 1974 Canadian dime made of silver?

Actually the coin is made of nickel...sorry. . Alloy : 100% nickel . Weight : 2.07 grams . Diameter : 18.03 mm, thickness: 1.16 mm

Are Canadian dimes all silver?

Canadian dimes are not made of silver. They are nickel plated, which makes them look like silver. Their composition is 92% steel, 5 1/2% copper, and 2 1/2% nickel.

Canadian dime 1867-1967 worth?

1967 is a very common Dime. It is worth around 1 dollar in any condition below MS64. Then it starts bringing in a slight premium.

How much is a 1965 silver US dime worth?

1965 Silver Dime Coin : 1965 Silver Dime Estimated Value: $9000+ Background : The official production of silverdimes were discontinued in 1964. Beginning in 1965 dimes were made out of copper and nickel. Asilver 1965 dime is a mistake (and a rare one). Only a few have been found, but more are be ( Full Answer )

1916 silver dime what is it worth?

It depends on if the coin is a Barber or Mercury Head dime both are dated 1916 also if it has any mintmarks and the condition of the coin. Post new question.

What is the 1942 silver dime worth?

The year is very common for Mercury dimes, regardless of any mintmarks retail value is $2.00-$3.00 in circulated condition.

What is a 1941w silver dime worth?

The W is not a mint mark but an initial. These coins are not rare and are worth $4 in circulated condition. In uncirculated condition they are worth an average of $10 to around $50 depending on condition.

How much does a canadian dime worth in the us?

$0.10 Canadian, same as it is in Canada. The exact exchange rate varies from moment to moment, but as of mid-August 2011, it's worth (roughly) the same as a US dime.

What is a 1802 silver dime worth?

The 1802 Draped Bust dime is considered rare. Authentic circulated examples have a minumin market value of $1,000.00. Authentication is highly recommended.

What years are Canadian dimes silver?

Any Canadian dime dated 1967 or earlier is silver. Then some in 1968 were 50% silver, others were pure nickel. The nickel ones are magnetic.